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First ever selfie

The year is 1839 and the prize that is at stake is the first selfie ever. The internet will tell you that American photography pioneer Robert Cornelius took the first ever selfie but I would contend that Roche Bobois, seen here posing in front of some mystery minimal graffiti, took this selfie some weeks before.

I’m not at liberty to reveal how we came to be in 1839 with a can of pink and an ‘X’ stencil but suffice it to say we’ve now returned the DeLorean to it’s rightful owner with a little note of apology under one of the windscreen wipers.




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#Catselfie – Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett

#Catselfie - Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett #Catselfie – Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett

You might not think of a cat as being a narcissistic hipster but believe me when I tell you that they are. Whenever I leave my phone in the front room overnight I wake to find literally dozens of pictures of my cat hanging out with a few friends in my photo gallery. I’ve never woken to find them in my house yet every picture is taken either in the front room or, more frighteningly, in my bedroom. Whilst I’m asleep. There is some evidence they’ve been uploading them to instagram and twitter too but i’m too scared to check exactly what they’ve been up to. Be warned.

This is the second of three collaborations we’ve done with the ever affable Sir George Raggett.┬áIf you haven’t seen his stuff before go check it out. I think you’ll agree he has a superb cheeky irreverent style that you’ll just fall in love with.



Title: #Catselfie – Collaboration between id-iom and Sir George Raggett
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, spray paint, water colour and charcoal
Size: A3

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