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Mass forces to the rescue!

We got a call asking if we’d like to do a little live paint as part of a company away day and as we always like a trip to the countryside we readily agreed. Apparently the Mass Forces department has had a tough year (I’m still no wiser as to what the Mass Forces department actually does) and are now bouncing back and they wanted something to reflect that. The word ‘superhero’ was bandied about. After a couple of false starts the iconic ‘Superman pulling his shirt open’ image came to mind and we were off and running with an idea. As relating to our fairly loose brief it’s got it all. Something work related, something superhero related and the words ‘Mass Forces’. On the day the weather was lovely so it all worked out pretty nicely really. We even managed to invisibly cover over the little hole that had been accidentally been put in the canvas (not by us I hasten to add). Win all round.




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Danger Girl t shirt

Danger Girl t shirt (L)

After doing a few t-shirts a while ago I thought I’d give it another go with some new designs to see how they came out…

Here we have ‘Danger Girl’ printed on high quality light blue cotton t-shirt. It’s a large in size and the the t-shirts are a standard fit. These are one-off t’s that have been screen printed and also have hand finishing in the form of stencils, spraypaint and fabric pens so are all unique. I would suggest they are probably hand washed to ensure longevity of the design. If you aren’t going to do that they should wash okay inside out but i’m not promising anything…

Here is the eBay link.



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With an eagle’s eye

With an eagles eye

After realising that we hadn’t got anything on the internet for a while i decided to pick up a can and get to work on a picture on one of the walls of our studio. At this point in the studio things were getting scary though as ice was beginning to form on the windows and some of the gusts of freezing cold air coming from the gaps around all the doors and windows were just getting a little to much to take. Needless to say i had to be quick or I might become a permanent fixture down there and so i picked up the black and went hell for leather, dancing around when not actually painting so as to not freeze on the spot. The only goal of mine was to try and use the hole already in the wall but apart from that it was bang, get it up and get out. A small piece of advice though for anyone who has to work in a cold, cold room for any length of time i would suggest you listen to either some of the hardest thrash metal or some of the dirtiest drum and bass you can get your hands on, which is what i’m more partial to, as these types of music can really get you to motivated. Here is a little present for all those unlucky few:

Good luck!



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id-iom England shirt (sort of…)

One of our local pubs asked if we could come up with a design for a t-shirt for their staff to wear during the upcoming World Cup. Despite the fact that we aren’t actually English we thought it only fair to come up with a design. The logo on the back is an adapted version of the World Cup logo which, obviously, features a white horse.

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