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And the Nikes on my feet…

I found this print while I was clearing up a little and immediately thought of Bablu. If you’ve ever been in the Shoreditch area then you’ve probably been no more than 20 metres away from him at some point. He’s easily identified by his love of street art, his shifty but somewhat amiable character and his white Nike Air Force One’s. My thoughts were along the lines of ‘saw this and thought of you’ so¬† thought I’d better get it in the post to him pronto before I forgot what I was doing and moved on to something else.

A couple of stencils and some hand finishing later and it was ready to go. The text in the background reads ‘And the Nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete’ and the QR code takes you to a mystery related link. Give it a try…





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Don’t sweat it.

A kind of subtle anti-Nike advert. How very Christmas… We were asked to do a trainer themed commission for a Christmas gift. I wasn’t initially very enamoured with effectively doing a Nike advert but I thought there must be something we could do to give it that little id-iom twist. The brief was very specific and had to feature the Nike Air Max 90 Infrared. Beyond that we could exactly what we wanted. It is a brief which doesn’t have too much leeway but we thought we’d give it a go all the same.

After a good few failed attempts (which all just looked like real Nike adverts) we came up with an anti-advert. We took their famous ‘Just do it.’ slogan and give a little reference to the claims of using sweatshops that have plagued Nike over the years. ‘Don’t sweat it.’ The advertising people couldn’t come up with better if i do say so myself. Like i said, very Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.



Title: Don’t sweat it.

Media: Handcut stencils, acrylic, paint pen, ink & spraypaint

Size: A3 watercolour paper

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