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What’s the song? (cryptic stencilling edition)

Do you know what happens when I’m left alone for too long. This. This is what happens. I happened upon the heart stencil whilst doing a small tidy of my paint area. It had slipped down the back of the table. Pesky stencil. Upon realising what stencil it was my brain did some kind of paradigm shift and unleashed an earworm upon me. Now I’m attempting to bring that earworm to you through the medium of cryptic stencilling. Once I’d knocked up a quick gun stencil I was good to go. So, which 80’s karaoke classic am I trying to get across here? Answers on a postcard. And if i’m lucky you’ll have it bouncing round your head all day. I’m all heart sometimes…




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After realising the wall we had done the ‘Team id-iom bananeira‘ on was due to be demolished we thought we’d best take full advantage of the British summer and get indoors to do a little work to escape the ‘humidity’ outside. I wanted to do a piece i’ve been thinking about for a while which I think must have come about after reading Seven for a secret by Clive Woodall – which features the trials and tribulations of a little bird as it goes about trying to save the animal kingdom from man’s pernicious influence.

This one seems to work on a couple of levels. There is the literal view that the choices we offer wildlife often come down to destruction via poisons, shooting or pollution – which is, of course, no choice at all. There is also the view that the vulnerable little bird is a metaphor for people and the choices we often make for ourselves/our societies – be it drugs (hence ‘X’ which i hear is a popular term for ecstasy in the US), drink (hence ‘gasoline’ which always makes me think of this scene from the film ‘Top Secret!’) or violence.

That probably doesn’t make much sense but at least it keeps me happy. That’s enough thinking for today. Pass the Special Brew!




Work in progress shots


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Feeling flush?

As i have undoubtedly mentioned before it is sometimes very difficult trying to explain where inspiration for any particular piece comes from. This piece is probably a perfectly good example of that. All i can really tell you is what i know – and that is that it’s a picture of a man wearing knickers, suspenders and high heels who is aiming a gun somewhere off page. That’s about as much as i can readily explain about it. The rest i leave up to you. Make of it what you will…




Title: Do you feel flush?

Media: Acrylic, ink, newspaper and paint pen

Size: A2

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