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For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

So there I was innocently posting nonsense on Facebook when I get into a conversation with Mr George A Raggett and we come to the conclusion that an A4 art swap was in order. After further discussion it emerges that I would be very much liking something that was all nice and fluffy whilst George was requiring something as dark as could possibly be. Challenge accepted.

After giving it a little thought a quote that is attributed (but not confirmed) to Ernest Hemmingway sprang to mind. Apparently he won a bet by crafting a short story of under ten words. The story was “For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn”. Now that is pretty dark (and very brief). So I thought I’d work with that and give it a little spin by making it into an actual classified ad and including a few cheeky little zombie reference in there just to add a little spice. Once I’d perfected my vintage paper effect with spraypaint it was on with getting it printed and adding in the extra blood splashes and the red circle to highlight the ad. Challenge completed.

I found out just this morning that my parcel arrived safely with George accompanied by the parcel he had sent to me just before Christmas. And there I was imagining the German Postal Service would be efficient…




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Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome. (Isaac Asimov)

Isaac Asimov slate

Isaac Asimov has got to be one of my favourite authors ever. A proper icon. In today’s world of vapid and empty sounding celebrities who are famous for nothing more than looking good here we have a true celebrity. Famous for being outstanding in his chosen field. Not only was he terrifyingly prolific – his bibliography is over 500 works long (and that doesn’t include individual short stories) – but he was far ahead of his time when it came to imagining the future and humanity’s part in it.

His ‘Foundation‘ and ‘Robot’ series are some of the finest science-fiction works available and I would urge you to get them read. Countless of his stories have been made into films and many of his ideas have influenced a wide range of creators. In honour of his work and the inspirational stories he imagined we thought we’d immortalise him on slate. Combining his distinctive glasses with an exposed robot eye gave us the germ of an idea and from there we were away. I reckon that once this one has been framed suitably it will look spot on. Hopefully we’ll have a few more in this series once I can actually work out who else is worth commemorating…



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