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Do tell dear Willhelm

It may not be entirely clear from the picture but this piece has been blasted by a shotgun. Let me explain, before i even remembered we had access to shotguns on the Isle of Man we thought about going to an archery range to fire arrows at a bunch of targets we had bought that we were going to paint on. This led me down the path of william tell who as legend states shot an apple off the head of a child. This is why this picture has an apple on it.

Now without any practise i can’t say if i’m good enough to reproduce such feats of marksmanship but with a shotgun in hand i can certainly hit something that’s for sure.

After finding a suitable place to shoot we had a quick health and safety meeting, can’t be to careful can you.

We were then ready, with a quick look over his shoulder, the other half of id-iom harbouring a nod and a wink at me,  blasted the artwork with a malevolence that one would only expect from the devil himself. In all of a too shorter time all the pieces had been shot up to kingdom come including this one.

Maybe we should still go to the archery range anyway just to see who has the best shot out of the pair of us…




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Olympic sports I’d like to see… The Hipster Hunt

The inaugural Hipster Hunt 2012

The rules would be simple. 50 hipsters would be rounded up from the streets of Shoreditch and Brick Lane and herded to the Olympic stadium in Stratford. There they would be hunted over a cunningly designed game zone by competitors from across the globe and the gold would be awarded to the one who brought the most glasses back in their trophy bag. Easy.

After a quick bit of recon to work out where she’d look her best we got her up complete with shotgun and official ‘Hipster Hunt’ poster. Where better but the East End of course. I’m sure she’ll be bagging braces of the swaggering bespectacled try-hard’s left, right and centre. Go team GB!



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Here comes the rain again…

Let me free. Put me on the street!

I want to be on the street too!

I want to be on the street too!

Despite the fact I used a Eurythmics quote as the title for this post that was only because the more fitting ‘Why does it always rain on me?’ would, of course, make you think I was a complete whopper. It hasn’t stopped the evil song by Travis from becoming today’s earworm though. How very annoying.

We have had a load of street art ready for over a week now but the weather just flat refuses to play ball with us at all. One minute rain, then a brief moment of sun, then heavier rain. It really isn’t conducive to getting things done on the street at all. I was counting on being able to wander round in pleasant Spring sunshine, find some good spots and then hit them up. However we have at least been busy in the lab in the meantime trying to come up with even more new stuff. Anyway, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise I’m only putting a couple of little teaser shots up for now. Watch this space for further developments…



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Zombies this way (Free Art Friday)

Zombies this way...

Zombies this way...

We all know the countless problems the living dead can cause so sometimes it helps to be prepared with handy signs pointing the way to the hungry zombie hordes. This is especially useful if you’re tooled up with the latest in double barrelled shotgun technology. Just remember not to let them get too close – and never let your guard down! The blood spatters pay testament to someone who forgot that…

It may be late in the day but it’s still Friday (I checked) so this definitely still counts as Free Art Friday! We will hopefully have a couple of pieces appearing in this evening’s feature on Free Art Friday on the Culture Show (BBC 2 @ 7pm) so keep your eyes peeled.



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