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Lou’s cafe 24hrs

Now this is a story all about how Lou’s life got flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. I’ll tell you how she became the ghost with white hair. It all began one morning when she was running a little late for work and decided to eat a bit of leftover takeaway for breakfast. This turned out to be a very bad decision. Within 3 hours she was dead. It’s unclear why she has been forced to haunt her old workplace for all eternity but she does it with dignity and grace. That is until she remembers the takeaway and goes into screaming banshee mode. It can certainly put you off your breakfast. That’s for sure. You may wonder why I’m telling you this. All I can say for sure is that questions are often more intriguing than answers. 




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id-iom’s attic gems sale!

It’s the id-iom ‘attic gems’ sale! Updated every Sunday!


With a double combo of moving house and studio we’ve come to realise that we’ve got a prodigious pile of art that has been collecting dust while we move onto whatever shiny art idea next caught our attention.

Sales has never really been our forte so we’re looking to rectify that. If you’ve only ever dreamed of owning an original id-iom piece then now’s your chance. It would probably have been a weird dream though.

Admittedly our first plan was to street drop everything but were convinced that perhaps an ‘everything must go’ eBay sale was perhaps the way forward instead so we’ll be putting up fresh stuff weekly until it’s all gone. Sales or death. It’s the only way forward so come and help a brother out…

We’ll be updating our eBay page with new pieces every Sunday.

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That girl is on fire

To calm her down I offered her a drink which she excepted but to everyone’s dismay, she ordered a flaming Sambuca. No one was quite sure what she was going to do with it and we weren’t disappointed. She downed it in one and there in front of us the light orange glow of flames started to lick around her body once again. No one was quite sure but as she said her thanks she again started to strut down the street with smoke starting to billow around her, this was when I decided to take a mental picture so that I could try and paint her sometime in the next week.

There I was just last Friday having a few celebratory drinks in the pub due to the fact that another week had come to a close.  When this woman comes sashaying past naked, literally on fire and without a care in the world. Now as I’m sure you’d agree this sent most of the patrons reeling, downing their pints and running off down the street. The more chivalrous of the group decided that instead of drinking their pints they would throw their drinks at the lady, thinking they were helping her out in some way but all that seemed to do was make the lady angry.



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So there I was in the pub the other day professionally ignoring the football when this guy came up to me and started pontificating about how secure an investment of Bitcoin surely was. He told me he could increase my investment 100 fold. It surely seemed a little too good to be true but I entertained him because there was still 40 mins left on the game of ballfoot to endure. Come full time he was still banging on about a new crypto wallet or some such rubbish. It took all conversational skills I’ve garnered over the years just to get a word in edgeways and in that conversational sweet spot I somehow managed to get him to accept a small portrait of himself by way of my investment. I’m not really sure how i’m going to get my investment back but I did manage to get rid of him. For now at least. The Bitcoin investors are easily startled but they’ll soon be back. And in greater numbers.



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Sergey loves fun!


It’s pretty obvious that Sergey likes fun isn’t it? Just look at the big cheesy grin on his face. Only joking as his face is clearly a little sombre looking. Perhaps someone has just told him some unfortunate news. Anyway, we get some odd requests here at id-iom HQ and today’s commission was certainly one of those. One of our contacts on flickr got in touch and asked if we could use a photo of him and interpret it however we like. I had a look at his serious looking face and decided he needed an injection of fun to lighten him up a little. So here he is drunk on holiday in Cancun with all his spring break buddies. He’s at the front of the rambunctious pack pulling an amusing face for the camera.  Go Sergey!


Sergey loves fun!

I should point out that the original photo on flickr wasn’t by me. It was by

быстрый светлый

As it’s in the cyrillic alphabet I’m not entirely sure what the name is but there you have it. You should have a go at photoshopping Sergey. It’s fun.



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Start ’em young

In my experience it’s good to start them young. Hopefully this young whippersnapper will grow up to have some amazing can control if he’s starting out this young. The image is based on a photo I found on my phone of a friend’s kid looking longingly at the can of paint that I’d put on the table just within his grasp. The next shot I’ve got shows him playing with it (and don’t worry it didn’t actually have a cap on. I have added that for dramatic effect which I’m allowed to do as it’s my picture) but this is the one I like when he’s got that look of concentration like he’s working out what to do next…



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The sketchier side

There I was rooting around in all the art stuff that we have collected over the years when I come across a device that I just didn’t have a clue what it was or what it even could be. After a little interweb research I came to the conclusion that it was a ruling pen. Now i’m really not sure where we picked this up but i have to say i kind of like it as it does give a really good straight line.

Sadly that’s not what i used it for though, instead i just started writing my name and making a mess, that’s when my housemate came along and started doing exactly the same. Anyway there i was a few days later leafing through my sketch book when i see this page and thought i’d draw a little face amongst all the mess.



Title: The sketchier side

Materials: Ink, paint pen, pencil and charcoal

Size: A4

Please email if interested

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The Lady on the Door

The Lady on the Door

The Lady on the Door. I think it sounds like a Victorian ghost story which is probably quite fitting considering the pedigree of the house it’s in and the more sketchy style we’ve gone for with this piece. I could spin a sad tale of a misguided young lady who suffers the indignity of unrequited love and then in a spurned fury turns to the dark side of the Force in order to ensure the object of her affections ends up loving her. Then, in some contrived plot twist the whole thing would backfire on her and she would be forced to wander the site of her misdeeds as a disembodied wraith for the rest of eternity. Sadly though, that isn’t the truth (as far as i’m aware) but just gave me a fun excuse for a post and as Nick Ross used to say on Crimewatch ‘don’t have nightmares, do sleep well’.



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When the Muse is away…

When the Muse is away…

I’ve somehow woken up today with an awful cold but that hasn’t stopped me from doing a little art, it cures the soul apparently. So even if it isn’t going to get rid of my cold it will clear my soul. I’ll take whatever I can get at the moment to tell you the truth. Sometimes when I’m writing these posts the Muse just deserts me and I’m left wondering how to fill a small paragraph or two. Today would be a pertinent example of it.

You can probably tell as I’m halfway into my second paragraph and I’m still prattling nonsense unrelated to the picture above. This picture was in fact a small experiment at a more sketchy style stencil using a limited colour palette. I just thought a simple picture of a pretty girl would do it, no need to wallow in grimy hate filled pictures today, it just doesn’t seem right. There, whilst not under the Muse’s direct control and a little bit ill, that’s about the best I can come out with. It’s not funny, merely related information about the piece. I can also tell you that it’s hopefully to be used as a part of a larger piece but was initially done to see how the style would look once it’s sprayed. That’s all I can manage. Even I know when it’s time to quit so cheery bye for today…



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