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It’s all fun and games…

We haven’t posted for a while but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy – because we have. We were tasked with coming up with a nice Christmas design with a little id-iom twist. Which is sometimes tougher than it sounds. After a few schmaltzy design dead ends we finally hit on the ‘fun and games’ quote which seemed just perfect for a Christmas party. Once we’d thrown some green fade stripes and festive baubles on the design we were good to go.

The classy foldable board is about 2.5m square and is to be used as a dancefloor backdrop for an upcoming Christmas event. They’ve got some UV lights which will strobe on the board once it’s in situ so we included some UV reactive paint on the lettering and some little snowflakes which are otherwise invisible. Unfortunately we don’t have a blacklight in order to test how well it worked but I’m quietly confident. To finish we also drilled a few holes in the baubles so we could put some fairy lights through for that extra pizzazz. We couldn’t leave the boards out all day in order to get a twinkly night shot so you’ll just have to trust me that they look the business. That is all.




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The White Crown

Well, painting outside is certainly not as much fun as it was even just a few weeks ago. It’s cold, the light is bad to begin with and fades very quickly and paint takes ages to dry. Bah humbug. Today’s piece is based on a photo taken in much warmer climes however. The beautiful Islas Mujeres in sunny Mexico to be precise. We decided we’d work with that and then try to get a bit weird. After a few false starts The White Crown is the final result and I’m quite happy with how it all turned out. What entirely it all means is difficult to fathom but sometimes you just have to let the Muse take you wherever it is you’re going. At least we got there in the end.



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Hop-tu-naa (my mother’s gone away)

We’ve been having something of a dilemma here at id-iom HQ this morning. We painted this on Saturday in Bromley town centre for their Day of the Dead celebrations. So far so good but this is where the problems start. We painted it on Saturday (28th Oct), the Mexican holiday of the Day of Dead is actually on Thursday (2nd Nov) but Halloween is today (31st Oct). Unfortunately coming from the Isle of Man we don’t even celebrate Halloween. We do Hop-tu-naa instead (pronounced Hop-Chew-Neigh) which also falls on the 31st October but predates Halloween and is the original New Year’s Eve celebration (it is thought to be the oldest unbroken tradition on the Isle of Man, so there).

Anyway after much discussion we decided to put this up today. Painted on some fancy 6ft x 6ft roller boards with fire jugglers beside us (you can the head of one of them in the pic!) we managed to get her done pretty quickly given the impending onslaught of darkness. The fancy skull wallpaper is probably my favourite part but what do i know?



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Denis Mugweke

For someone I’d never heard of until I read an article about him Denis Mugweke seems to be a pretty special character. His Wikipedia page makes for interesting but sobering reading. He’s a Congolese gynecologist who specialises in the treatment of woman who have been gang raped during wartime and has treated well over 30,000 women at his Panzi Hospital in Bukavu. Perhaps unsurprisingly he’s since become the world’s leading expert on the medical treatment of such atrocities. He’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times and was awarded the Sakharov Prize in 2014 (which honours individuals and groups of people who have dedicated their lives to the defense of human rights and freedom of thought) and survived an assassination attempt in 2012.

With such a fine pedigree he seemed someone worthy of an id-iom portrait. So here it is. Laser engraved on wood then lovingly hand painted. This one may have to hit the street somewhere I’m thinking…




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Anything that kills me makes me feel alive

This guy is an urban vampire. If you know what to look for it’s easy to spot. Bats for hair is the first thing. As we all know, vampires are naturally bald but over time they’ve convinced squadrons of tiny undead bats to cling to their scalps in some semblance of a hairpiece. They tend to have a glamour (or spell) that makes the beasts look just like a well tousled head of hair but if you squint just right you can see the little blighters scrabbling over each other for purchase or occasionally flying off to snatch a nearby fly.

The fact that vampires tend to smoke hemlock cigarettes is another giveaway. With a smell more acrid than burning tyres one hit will kill you in an instant but that doesn’t stop them passing them over for a toke to anyone stupid enough to ask what it is.

Finally, vampires love bling. And not just any one old bling. They believe that ancient gold artifacts posess the power of civilisations now gone. And the mythical Golden Fleece is the most revered of the lot. Here he’s had it spun into an actual fleece so he’ll be able to pass as normal a bit more easily whilst out and about. So there you go. Now you now.

He’s been lasercut on wood at 39 x 27cm and then lovingly hand painted before some gold and silver leaf was added (they love bling remember) and a drizzle of crystal resin to finish.



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Don’t blow smoke in my face

Don’t blow smoke in my face

It all started at a party being hosted by reprobate extraordinaire Sir Asmund Quayle who, for some reason or other, was celebrating his involvement in the Trump/Russia saga.

At the party one of Sir Asmund’s guests had got a little tipsy and was pontificating on such subjects as trade deals between Tonga and Mauritius, the new GBBO but the thing that really vexed me was the supposed new remake of Lord of the Flies but cast with girls. I told him that he’d got the wrong end of the stick on that one and that with girls it just wouldn’t work due to the nature of the female psyche.

He suddenly became incredibly rude and started to bombard me with a combination of insults and spittle that was flew enthusiastically from his slack jawed mouth. To say I was taken aback would be an understatement so I did the first thing that came to mind which was to take a massive pull of the jazz cigarette that had just been passed to me and blow the smoke squarely in to the poltroons face. What happened next is a little murky to me but apparently it escalated quickly and then I left the party, under my own steam I might add, and eventually found my way home.

To exorcise the whole situation from my thoughts I thought it best to immortalise the cockalorum in art form whilst incorporating a reference to my sparkling bit of smoke based repartee. Using the smoke from a small burning effigy of the aforementioned mooncalf I created the face then gave it a death mask look and finished it off with his ridiculous gold bow tie. If you see him you probably won’t recognise him til it’s too late.



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