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Never eat yellow snow

We haven’t seen snow for a while so this is just a reminder. Never eat the yellow snow. No matter how appealing it may look. To a child it may look as attractive as this smiley face looks to an old raver. You have been warned. This has a public service broadcast by the id-iom corporation. End of yellow weather warning.




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The Smiley Bandit

Here at id-iom we love experimentation and we also love a bit of sunshine. Yesterday we manage to enjoy both of them simultaneously and this behatted hipster is the result. With the hottest day of the year on our hands (a blistering 17 degrees) we hit the garden with a nice white canvas and set to work. To give the piece something of a random feel the background was created by one member of id-iom who was blindfolded throughout and had to follow the direction of the other member of id-iom Рwho was not allowed to touch the picture. As you can probably imagine things did not go entirely smoothly. But it was highly amusing.

Once the background was done the blindfold came off and we both regarded what we had created. We both laughed. From there we followed a quickly spiralling path until ‘The Smiley Bandit’ was born. Be warned. With his fancy suit jacket and natty hat he will most definitely eat all your eggs. If he takes your fancy then drop us a line. Any reasonable offer considered. Much like the bandit himself.



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The Raver

Ever since he heard ‘”Eezer Goode, Eezer Goode, He’s Ebeneezer Goode” by The Shaman in 1992 this guy has been permanently on the party train. That’s 24 years of hard graft he’s put in. If you look closely at his face you can see that he’s probably a little older than he appeared at first glance and that despite his slightly glum expression the smiley culture runs deep within his soul. Nowadays he hangs out at rave revival nights listening to ¬†Slipmatt and Micky Finn pulling out all the old classics. There’s nothing he wouldn’t give to go back, for just one night, to the utopia that was Fantazia at Castle Donington. Hardcore will never die.



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