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Leporine inhalant abuse

Leporine inhalant abuse

Leporine inhalant abuse

Anyone who knows our work might think that we have something against rabbits and that’s just not the case as I actually really quite like most of the little blighters. That said that doesn’t mean I think they have rainbows following them around. They can definitely have a dark side. And you’d best believe that they are certainly not cute.

I actually tried to get this fella some help for his addiction when i came across him. Sadly i learnt the hard way that they are best left alone, as he came at me with those dead zombie like eyes looking straight through me, teeth bared and ready and willing to go for the throat but luckily i managed to escape as he was a little slow on his feet. I lived to warn all those unfortunate enough to come across other such Leporine inhalant abusers.

This picture captures a bad moment in a young leveret‘s life. One he’d probably hope hadn’t been caught for posterity by an inquisitive artist. But it had to be done and now we all know.




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