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Sometimes I wonder if everyone is unobservant…

It’s not very often that we here at id-iom strive to do something understated and somewhat minimal but that was entirely what we were aiming for with this piece. Have we succeeded? Who knows? It’s certainly less cluttered than our usual technique of throwing as much paint at the background as possible. Anyway, we decided that the metal shutters provided a nice textured background just as they were so threw up our stencil, coloured her in and then put up some additional text in a purposely small font which reads: ‘Sometimes I wonder is everyone if unobservant then I realise that at least you’re not’. Despite the fact I’ve just pointed it out to you I do wonder how many people will walk past this without ever bothering to read it. Well, the jokes on you sucker! Many thanks to Irony and the Real Art of Street Art for hooking us up!




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She blows hot and cold

With the spectre of gentrification hanging over the railway arches in Brixton we went down to do our small part to raise the profile of the #Savebrixtonarches campaign by painting up some shutters alongside a few other artists. It may not be much against the juggernaut of urban redevelopment but it gets us out of the house on a Sunday at least.

Once we’d arrived and found our spot we managed to draw some inspiration from the red and blue ‘HOT’ and ‘COLD’ lettering above the shutters to give us a colour scheme to work with and some idea of where we were headed. After we’d got that much nailed it was pretty much plain sailing. This design is reasonably minimal for us and it took a fair amout of willpower to overcome the urge to get a load more paint on the shutters and just walk away once it was completed. Righto, what’s next?

Cheers (and a big thanks to Monoprixx for taking the shot!)


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