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Brixton whichever way you look at it

Given that we’d already done a ‘Bristol’ ambigram design before Christmas I thought it only fair to get Brixton in on the action. Knowing my current proclivities if I did a load of them they’d all have stripes on them so I limited myself to just two versions for now. One with stripes, obviously, and one with a wavy patterned design. In all fairness I’d probably have to respray the blue and grey one if anyone wanted it as my favourite part, the Ace of Aces logo bit, hasn’t really come out very well but I thought I’d wait and see if there was any interest first. They’re A2 in size and I’d also be happy to re-do with any particular background colourways as requested if anyone felt so inclined as to ask. So there you have it.

As a side note if you’re not familiar with Ram John Holder’s song ‘Brixton Blues’ then I suggest you get yourself to Youtube pretty sharpish and give your ears a little treat.




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Badvertising – Taste the feeling

It’s funny how many advertising slogans can be applied to the murky world of drugs. For today’s instalment in a series we’re imaginatively calling ‘badvertising’ we’ve gone for Coke Zero and the classic ‘Taste the feeling’ tagline. We could have just have easily used ‘real Coke taste and zero calories’ but preferred the classic tagline as it’s a little more descriptive.

Anyway, today’s piece is on my current canvas of choice, namely wood, and using my current favoured technique of laser engraving. Plus, just a little bit of white paint pen just to accentuate the obvious. Drop us a line if you’re interested…



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The First Earl

I’ve had The First Earl cut and ready to go for a while now. I just didn’t have anywhere suitable to put such a classy looking chap. After looking around for somewhere good to get it up I spotted what I thought was the perfect location; a likely looking rusty metal door that appeared to be just the right size with an agreeable amount of surface patina.

Once I’d confirmed it would fit it only remained to get him sprayed up which, as it turned out, was relatively quick and easy given that it was a one layer stencil. What I didn’t really think about in my excitement of finding a good spot was the fact that there would be hardly any contrast between the black of the piece and the darkness of the old door. Now I could go back and add some colour or an outline but that takes away from the nicely aged door and he was originally meant to be a standalone piece anyway so I’m hesitant to go back and mess with it. Perhaps the best answer is just to redo him somewhere else against a lighter background?

Eagle eyed viewers will of course spot why doing this piece in South London is somewhat inappropriate but I’ll leave that to you to figure out. Answers on a postcard…



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Always read the label

Now here’s an adage that i couldn’t agree with more. ‘Always read the label’ is one of the sound bits of advice that plenty of people choose to ignore until it’s a little too late. Usually it’s referring to Ikea cabinets or medicines or somesuch but in this case it’s pertaining to the young lady with ‘Danger!’ prominently emblazoned on her top. Despite her dubious attractions to ignore such advice can only lead to trouble…

Always read the label A3 print edition (of 5)

Always read the label print edition (of 5)

It was Thursday last week when we were contacted by Global Street Art and asked if we’d be interested in decorating some hoardings on Saturday just 20 mins from home down Elephant and Castle way. As we’re now smart enough to have something ready on standby for just such an occasion we leapt at the chance and opted for a large scale adaptation of a design we’d done a small A3 edition of a short while ago (if anyone is interested I think we still have a few of them left!) Due to the size of the space and the fact we had all day to do it we decided to go for one of our chaotic layered backgrounds rather than a plain one as per the original design. There was certainly enough traffic passing by and plenty were happy to stop and see what we were up to. Towards the end of the day we managed to convince Hicks it was a good idea to extend his piece into ours slightly which I think gives better continuity to the whole wall. All in all it was a great day and the icing on the cake was a mere 15 drive back home. Winner.

And here's a little bonus from our personal stash. Our little helper for the day. He was usefully suggesting placement and colour options for us. He came back later with his ladyfriend and posed for some shots. We couldn't have done it without him...

And here’s a little bonus from our personal stash. Our little helper for the day. He was usefully suggesting placement and colour options for us. He came back later with his ladyfriend and posed for some shots. We couldn’t have done it without him…



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