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Eeeny meeny miny mo

Eeeny meeny miny mo

Eeeny meeny miny mo

Eeeny meeny miny mo

Eeeny meeny miny mo

Now i’ve been out all day so couldn’t get this on earlier but here is ,once again, another door for Free Art Friday. I thought this would be my last one but on the way home just now i’ve spied another two doors that i’m going to go and fetch tomorrow if they are still there and knowing my luck they will be. This door is another one of those big heavy mama jammers as well which means its takes a small team of bodybuilders to move.  I can’t even understand how some measily little hinges could actually hold this bad boy up, i know i couldn’t.

The idea for this door came about when a friend of mine started singing the classic nursery rhyme Eeeny Meeny miny mo to his child. I hadn’t heard it in years and so when i was next in the studio and singing it to myself i thought well hot diggity damn i’ve got myself an idea. A few frantic hours later and this is what you get…

Now i’ve had a busy day so its time for my first beer i think. Have a good weekend folks!!




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