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Something from the cellar

I was navigating the aisles of my local supermarket when, due to my girlfriend’s inability to make a quick decision, my eye was drawn to the flowery descriptions of some of their lower end wines. Phrases like ‘warming spice flavours’, ‘smooth finish’ and ‘floral notes’ seemed to litter the florid accounts of the wines’ supposed qualities. Now, it just so happens that wine is firmly on my banned substance list so I certainly wasn’t in the position to put these contrived claims to the test.

Instead I decided to get down with a bit of culture jamming and recreate the descriptions using my overactive imagination as a guide. I think what we’re left with is probably a more honest appraisal of the wine’s true character. I’d like to think these will go unnoticed by the staff until some eagle eyed customer decides to spoil my fun and brings it to their attention. Only time will tell…




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After thinking about Donald Duck’s famously explosive temper I did a little research and found out that (amongst other things) that his birthday is Friday the 13th! Once I’d found that little gem out the idea for this piece pretty much formed itself.

Donald had been drinking hard the day it all started. He’d just found out that Daisy had, for decades, been embezzling money from his ever dwindling income streams and then came the final indignity when he caught her in bed with Huey, one of his nephews that he’d given so much to over the years. He just snapped. And it all gets out of hand from there…

This is most definitely a film I’d love to see made although I’m reckoning it will take a pretty big turn in Disney’s fortunes before they start pumping out the animated horror films. Will just one person who sees this ‘advert’ think so? I can only hope.




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