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A box for Sunday!

Little Sunday here came into the UK on a false dog passport from Lithuania to be sold on at a huge profit. She was caught at dog customs and put into quarantine but after the necessary checks was certified healthy, given a new British passport and found her way to our friend who’s a dog trainer via Dogs Trust. Since then she’s got a little box for her to snooze┬áin and also to stand on whilst training. And who better to give the box a little lick of colour than us. As the box is used both sides up we wanted her name to be legible either way and to give it a nice lady-like colour scheme. Add to that the ‘with love from Lithuania’ and you’ve got the whole package. Now doesn’t she look just adorable?




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Sunday afternoon TV

I’m sure we’ve all felt a little down sometimes but this fella is feeling it pretty bad. It’s Sunday afternoon, he’s pining for a lost love and the world doesn’t seem to care. At least he’s happy for the time being…

This is one of my favourite pieces that we’ve done and i know exactly what it is that sells it to me… It’s the little blobs of dried and shiny acrylic paint that have been affixed to the piece. I especially like the fact that it’s all black and white apart from the little bubble he is sat in where he’s constructing his own little bright future (although reality is not quite so bright – and even the TV knows it!) This is currently in the UPfest gallery in Bristol and is busy waiting for a new owner to take it home to give it the requisite care and attention it needs. Get yourself down there and have a look in person…



Title: Sunday Afternoon TV

Media: Acrylic, spraypaint and marker pen

Size: 24″ x 24″ deep edge canvas

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