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Back to the Future mixtape project

Here comes the sun… (Mixtape with slate cover art)

Here comes the sun… (Mixtape with slate cover art – front)

Here comes the sun… (Mixtape with slate cover art – back)

Back to the Future – Exclusive id-iom mix tape with original slate cover art! All for the grand price of nothing! You’ve just got to find it…

It’s 2013 and we’re going back to the future with our street art take on the classic mix tape. It’s a combination of that old school hop with that new school hip! Although we have had to move with the times so we’ve gone and burned it on CD.

Both members of id-iom have been djing for more years than we care to remember and rather than go the inevitable route of uploading our mixes to Soundcloud and have no-one listen to it we’ve gone all experimental and attempted to fuse our street art activities and proclivity for making mix tapes. We’ve completed the hour long mix and then done the slate cover art to compliment the tunes. From there it’s just a matter of putting it on the street and seeing what happens.

Only a very small number of copies exist and ideally we’re hoping that we’ll get a reply/critique/abuse via email from whoever found it and then hopefully they’ll upload it to the web and share it around for further praise/ridicule. Really we’re just too lazy to upload it ourselves and are hoping that someone else will do it for us. It looks better that way. So, if you see one of these suckers on the street feel free to take it home and then lambast us via email on our shoddy skills and poor tune selection.

It’s the size of a standard roofing slate and has the CD securely taped to the back so she should last a reasonable amount of time out in the open. It has been completed using the magic of paint pens, spraypaint and stencils. They are signed on reverse with our trademark id-iom stencil and logo.

We are also now open to submissions – so if you dj at all and fancy taking part just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. You can find more information on our facebook page here.
Happy hunting!




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Pretty up North – id-iom @ UpNorthFest

For the first graffiti road trip of the year we headed up to Southport for the weekend to do a little painting at UpNorthFest. As seems to happen with alarming regularity we only managed to come up with a design at pretty much the last minute. Our final design features a huge version of Hugo’s head with Southport pier reflected in his sunglasses and the text ‘Hey la, it ain’t ‘alf pretty up north’ in the background. Our lackadaisical approach to planning left precious little time to cut it and get ready but we somehow managed to get it all done in time for departure.

Once we were all set up and disco bag was happily pumping out some tunes we got down to the messy business of creating the background. After we’d let the paint dry properly (a lesson learned the hard way) it was time to get the lettering and face up. Thankfully the weather remained good all day – or else our piece wouldn’t have made all that much sense! But you can’t let things like that worry you in advance… The reflection of Southport pier in his glasses seemed to go down well with the locals and I just like any excuse to get the chrome out!

On top of all that we had the extra bonus of catching up with old friends in the sunshine so all in all it was well worth the effort. Hopefully there will be the same again next year!



Stage 1 – getting the background done

Stage 2 – text

Stage 3 – Final pic with model posing next to it (he even has the same hat on!)

Stage 4 – Final – (You can see what a nice day it was!)


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Crotch hot & happy

With the weather seemingly on the turn it seems a fine time to bring out this lovely little ray of sunshine. As we begin to realise there is life after winter and start making plans for summer surely everyone looks forward to drinks, barbecues, holidays and sunbathing. Well this young lady is already there and clearly enjoying it.

The line ‘crotch hot and happy’ comes from a book called Bastion Falls by Susie Maloney and for some reason this obviously had some resonance with me. After the mandatory gestation period from reading the book to coming up with a design this is what came forth…



Title: Crotch hot & happy

Media: Acrylic, spraypaint and stencils, ink & paint pen

Size: 60 x 60 deep edge canvas

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