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Sod it Rick! Not again!

It’s time to check up on an old piece and see how it’s getting on. The first time we saw black sphere 004 he was shiny and new and this is what we said:

Today’s sphere is out living life in the real world. It’s watched one too many episodes of Rick and Morty and has decided to go on an inter-dimensional trip of its own. It has chosen our world. Quite why it is examining a moss covered wall is anyone’s guess. What Black Sphere 004 will make of it would also be well beyond our range of reckoning. Perhaps it will declare war. Perhaps it will stop for a picnic. Only time will tell…

Now though we can see that time hasn’t been kind to black sphere 004. He obviously decided he liked what he saw and stayed a while, a little too long maybe. Maybe this is what happens to sphere’s when they decide to hang around on earth…




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Barry’s travelogue – Day 43: Fukushima

It’s day 43 of Barry’s round the world adventure and after a drunken bet with a trustafarian red snapper in Thailand he’s ended up in the polluted waters around Fukushima in Japan. Barry, however, isn’t very impressed. It reminds him of nothing more than a night he wishes he could forget that he spent in the murky waters of Magalluf bay back on day 4 of his travels. He’s pretty sure he’s going to wake up with a similar sized headache however and just hopes he doesn’t catch anything because of it.

Will Barry ever make it round the world or will complications from his trip to Fukushima catch up with him before then? Stay tuned to find out… This bad lad is currently for sale and is A3 in size and has been made using the magic of marbling inks, imagination, paint pens and acrylic paint.



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