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Do tell dear Willhelm

It may not be entirely clear from the picture but this piece has been blasted by a shotgun. Let me explain, before i even remembered we had access to shotguns on the Isle of Man we thought about going to an archery range to fire arrows at a bunch of targets we had bought that we were going to paint on. This led me down the path of william tell who as legend states shot an apple off the head of a child. This is why this picture has an apple on it.

Now without any practise i can’t say if i’m good enough to reproduce such feats of marksmanship but with a shotgun in hand i can certainly hit something that’s for sure.

After finding a suitable place to shoot we had a quick health and safety meeting, can’t be to careful can you.

We were then ready, with a quick look over his shoulder, the other half of id-iom harbouring a nod and a wink at me,  blasted the artwork with a malevolence that one would only expect from the devil himself. In all of a too shorter time all the pieces had been shot up to kingdom come including this one.

Maybe we should still go to the archery range anyway just to see who has the best shot out of the pair of us…




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BANG BANG! I shot you down!

BANG BANG!! I shot you down

BANG BANG!! I shot you down from a slight angle

BANG BANG!! I shot you down from across the room

BANG BANG!! I shot you down the stairs

I shot you down in progress

I shot you down in progress

I shot you down in progress

I shot you down in progress

I shot you down in progress

I shot you down in progress























There’s nothing like applying paint directly to a wall in someone’s house to cheer you up. Heating, access to drinks and the toilet, no wind to contend with and access to Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox whilst waiting for emulsion to dry. What more could a humble artist want?

As this was being going directly on the wall in his house we had been through a few iterations of various designs with the client until we finally managed to tweak it till we had something he was happy with. He wanted something impactful as you come into his house and one of the many reference ideas he had given us was the JR piece which had been on the Tate which depicts a man with a camera (although I think it looks like a gun on first glance) so we had gone down that route. As for the text I think I may have, at some point during the design process, been listening to ‘I shot you down’ by the Audio Bullys (below) which features extensive vocal samples from Nancy Sinatra‘s 1966 song ‘Bang Bang’ (although the song was originally written for Cher by Sonny Bono!) I particularly like the way in which the target character always seems to be aiming directly at you (which was obviously intentional…)



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