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Problematic Purple

As anyone who’s stuck with us long enough will know we always like to put a little write up with our pieces. Maybe it’s to give them a little more context, maybe it’s to give us a reason for doing the work in the first place. Who knows? It’s all quite confusing. Usually the write ups come fairly easily and after a small bit of editing it’s good to go. 

Today has been more problematic. We’ve both given a go to coming up with something suitable and so far we’ve got one which revolves around the use of a poor double entendre – purple acai (tea)/purple Aki and one which involves a failed love triangle called ‘He promised her a lavender wedding’. The only thing they have in common is that they both feature a lady called Margaret who owns a publishing company. Take from that what you will… 




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I see faces

Whilst painting I managed to spill my cup of tea. Usually a catastrophe of such proportions would cause me to curl up in the fetal position and start crying over the waste of such lovely nectar. This time however, before my tear ducts could react, I saw something in the spill.

Before I knew it the Muse was upon me and I searched frantically for a pencil lest my creative urge abandoned me. After about a long minute of searching I found one behind my ear (damn those days spent on building sites) now all I had to do was a few quick lines and the Muse disappeared to relieve Molly Quirke (age 9) of a small case of creative block related to drawing a horse.



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The Solace of Anger

The Solace of Anger

The Solace of Anger

I was back home recently when I found two old canvases that had tea cups printed on them. I do like a good cup of tea so this alone was enough to get the creative juices flowing. In fact they were already hitting me like a tsunami due to the fact that I had been out drinking with that not-so-lovable rogue of immense proportions – Sir Asmund Quayle (the patron saint of id-iom whether we want him or not). So, basically, I just found a canvas whilst dealing with my hangover.

It just so happened my mum was going out to run a few errands which meant it was time for me to put my feet up and grab 40 winks but all to soon I heard her car in the driveway so had to action myself swiftly. I dashed to where I had previously set up all the paints and started throwing paint about. I didn’t want to seem like a layabout after all.

Anyway my mother then made us both a cup of tea and sat with me saying she ‘enjoys watching the process’ and the rest is history. Thankfully, after a while, I seemed to forget the hangover and just enjoyed the painting. As an aside, I hoped that Sir Asmund was feeling worse that me but I later found out he was up with the larks that morning building fancy sandcastles on the beach – which he’d then smash with a spade – much to the amusement of the sundry passersby. It sounded like fun. He’s such an insufferable dolt but a man close to my heart.



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Boo Hoo

boo hoo baby flickr

There’s no need to worry about this little cry baby, as he’s actually a fully grown man who has a penchant for acting like a snivelling little child. All he ever seems to do is whine and moan about just everything and everyone he comes in contact with. He asked me to paint his portrait which was going to end up being a gift for his girlfriend but even before he sat down he was in tears about some rubbish like the chair being too cold.

This went on for hours with him constantly moving and complaining, so i just started to doodle. He then really got on my nerves by asking how it was going with the picture and that’s when i lost it. I jumped up at him, paintbrush in hand, and just started slapping paint all over his face. Before i knew it I was pressing his face down on the paper and screaming obscenities at him. After I’d calmed down and let him go, he lifted his head to reveal this picture which we both liked. I liked it so much I decided not to give him the picture but instead drew a crappy left handed portrait akin to a 5 year old’s effort and threw him out of the studio. I’m sure there must be a lesson in there somewhere but I’ve got no clue as to what it may be…



Title: Boo Hoo
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, pencil, pastel and charcoal
Size: A2
Please email if interested

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Fancy a cuppa?

Brixton Brew is open for business!

Brixton Brew is our new local cafe – which has the added twist of being attached to the local pub! You can see the problems that could arise from such a combination but so far it hasn’t lead to any all day drinking sessions. Although i suppose it’s only a matter of time…

There we were enjoying a nice frosty beverage in the local when the manager pops up and asks if we’d care to do a little work branding their new cafe. We, of course, agreed and set to work on coming up with a few ideas. Once we had the design finalised it was time to get it on the wall. On a dry but very windy day we set to work and the biggest problem we faced on this little commission was ensuring that the lettering was straight, which is not particularly one of our strengths at the best of times although I think we just about got it nailed this time thankfully. Then it was just a case of getting the mug logo and steaming kettle on the door and we were good to go. Partial payment came via a tasty panini and a pint. Job done.



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