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Good things come to those who wait

Some pictures are easy to release into the wild and some are reluctant to ever leave the studio. This piece was very much in the latter. I think it had been lurking in the studio for close to 5 years before finally becoming confident enough to leave. That said it didn’t leave under its own steam, it only left because a collector had popped into the studio for a look-see and a chat when she spied this beauty lurking in the corner waiting for it’s time to shine and that time was now. What the picture and we here at id-iom learnt from this… Good things come to those who wait!




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The Things That Come Between Us

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Things are beautiful if you love them

I just love rescuing an old bit of wood to paint on. Previously it was just an old shelf destined for the tip. Now it’s probably still destined for the tip but at least she goes out looking good. I even tried my hand at a little engraved lettering on this one – which was a bit trickier than I thought but still looks pretty reasonable in the flesh. Considering I didn’t have replacement tips for the little drill thing I was using I was fairly happy with the end result.

‘Things are beautiful if you love them’ is a nice little quote from French dramatist Jean Anouilh. I particularly like the idea that anything can be beautiful if you love it and the converse that things aren’t inherently beautiful but the act of loving them makes them beautiful. Heady stuff for a Friday morning. I’m sure normal service will resume soon enough…



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The best things in life

The best thing in life

The best thing in life

So here we are again and we’ve got still another piece in the id-iom demolition sale. Who would’ve guessed that we had so much stuff stashed away in our now defunct studio? And like our other pieces it’s starting at the austerity busting price of just 99p… Here is the Ebay Link.

‘The best thing in life aren’t things’. Despite advertisers trying to convince us that wanting a life full of material possessions is what we all want I think we all know deep down that this small phrase is a truism that’s hard to deny. That said I have had my eye on a snazzy new laptop that I swear would make me happier…

She’s an A3 screen print on paper with unique hand finishing including the magic of watercolour, spraypaint, stencils and old school felt tips. Signed on reverse



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