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As i Move

As I Move

As I Move

The title of this piece comes from the opening line of a book called ‘Tik Tok‘ by John Sladek which is a play on the name Issac Asimov. I read this book many years ago now but the story¬†still occasionally pops in to my mind from time to time. After getting to a certain point in this picture i was completely stuck and racking my brain on what to do next when, of course, Tik Tok pops in to my head once again and well, slap my thigh and call me Roger, the form I was drawing reminded me slightly of an android. From there on in things just started to fall in to place. A tricky job made easy!



Title: As I Move
Materials: Spray paint, glitter, paint pen, acrylic and charcoal
Size: A4


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