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Time to dream

With the end of lockdown now in sight, we can now start to start thinking about the future and that’s exactly what Margery here intended to do. Before she fell asleep all she could think of was holidays to far flung parts of the globe where she would be invited to urbane parties with exclusive guest lists where she was the guest of honour. She wasn’t yet sure why she was the guest of honour but that’s what she hoped to find out over the next night’s sleep.

Sadly that wasn’t the case. Instead of dreams of living the high life with the world’s elite, she had dreams that left her more exhausted than anything else. She found herself traipsing through clouds like the Care Bears but instead of frolicking in the sun she was chasing ducks but didn’t know why. It was all very confusing for her. On top of that, her teeth kept falling out and growing back every time the ducks would quack at her.

This seemed to go on for hours until at one point when she was within a couple of inches from grabbing a duck when her foot started to sink into the cloud she was walking on. Suddenly she fell through the cloud and was hurtling through the air towards the ever nearing earth. Just as she was about to hit the ground she woke up with a start, knocking the glass of water on her bedside table all over herself and her cat which proceeded to dash from the room clawing her leg viciously as it scarpered for safety. After looking at herself in the mirror and assessing the bags under her eyes and the damage done from the cat she wasn’t particularly looking forward to going back to sleep anytime soon…



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Time cannot be saved

Time is a funny old thing. As a kid you can’t wait to grow up and be able to do all the things you dream of. Then somehow life gets in the way and before you know it you’ve somehow morphed into an adult human and realise that adulting isn’t quite all it was cracked up to be. You want that carefree time back. But you can’t have it. Time cannot be saved. It can only be spent. Spend it wisely. Here ends the lesson.

A couple of versions of ‘Time cannot be saved’ are still available via Play Dead gallery until 16th Feb. They’re A2 and are £130 each if anyone wants to give them a new home.



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Demotivational Poster no. 17 – It’s never too late

Are you slowly spinning in a downward spiral of apathy? Do you enjoy putting off til tomorrow what you should probably get done today? Would you generally prefer to be back in bed? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then we have just the product for you! id-iom’s new range of demotivational posters are ideal to give you that extra little nudge you need to justify to yourself whatever decision you’re about to make. It’s that simple! Anyone can use them!

She’s on A2 paper and is made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. If you’d like to give her a new home then get in touch. I completely understand if you can’t be bothered today though…



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Piscine passion

Piscine passion panorama

Piscine passion


Piscine passion (fish eye)

Mr Goldfish


Lady pinkfish

In progress shot – I really liked the fish at this point and we were wondering whether to reapply the stencil or not. We finally agreed we should but may explore this style a little further…

So there we were back home for Christmas with a load of paint we’d brought over when Mother Nature turns up blowing an absolute hoolie. With that kind of weather we didn’t need any more of an excuse not to paint and decided that having a couple of festive drinks indoors seemed to be a much better idea. That was when our older brother said we could paint the big wall in his back garden for the kids if we wanted – and as any self respecting artist will know that’s like a red rag to a bull.

So with no plan whatsoever we ended up going for a nautical theme. And having some fish falling in love. I’m not really sure why but we had to decide on something. Thinking about it it was probably because the fish was the least offensive and most kid friendly of what we had with us. We also only had 4 hours to complete the wall as we were booked in to take our nephews ice skating – but then again that’s how we like it – a deadline to actually make us pull our fingers out. So off to work we went making as much submarine mess as we could, which is actually bit tricker than you may think. It was at this point that my brothers little rats said that they wanted to join in and who are we to stop budding creativity in its tracks. Armed with every sort of way to apply paint to a wall they jumped on the wall with unnerving gusto, so much so that I felt bad when they had to be reined in a bit…

Finally, with the light failing we’d just about got to the point of completion. A somewhat fishy scene of piscine passion,



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This is my time to shine

This is my time to shine

This is my time to shine

After last week’s painting at UPfest we got back to London with part of the extended Jubilee weekend to spare so went about celebrating them getting a little drunk and rolling around the streets of  Brixton for far too long. After we’d peeled ourselves off the streets and gone to our respective beds we got up with sore heads and nothing to do apart from stalk around the studio looking for something to do. We finally decided to attack one of the walls with all the gusto we could muster after the aforementioned weekend.

After blanking out the wall with some nice Laura Ashley Eau de Nil paint that we got off Freecycle we jumped to work with precious little in the way of a plan. As we know ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’ and as we were doing the opposite and actually doing some ‘work’ we thought it best if we incorporated an angel into our picture. Just to be on the safe side. We got down to a bit of  hard work, if you could call it that, as it was more like two zombies throwing paint at a wall but we somehow managed to come up with the picture you see before you. ‘This is my time to shine’. Indeed. The Muse works in mysterious ways…



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