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Aim high

So we’ve got the final part of our triptych up today. Like the other parts it’s detailing someone dealing with lockdown. Rachel here is in a different boat to the others however. 

Rachel has a nice house, big garden, investment banker husband and has always been a high achiever. She’s been attempting to treat the lockdown like an opportunity and was doing magnificently for the first two weeks. She’s been acing home schooling and has even been teaching little Sebastian some basic Mandarin on the side but the cracks are beginning to show. She thought she heard Sebastian swear and almost burst into tears. She’s now eyeing the bottle of gin in the drawing room. It’s not even 11am.

So there you go. We all deal with lockdown differently. Just try not to be the guy in the second picture and we should all be fine.




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We ride at dawn

Well good morning there! If you tuned in yesterday you’ll know we had the first part of a triptych featuring a lady escaping reality using the power of music.

Today we have the second part – ‘We ride at dawn’ – featuring someone else trying to escape the reality of the coronavirus. Rather than music however this gentleman has donned his historical war outifit, picked up his AR15 and then gone to protest (against a virus!) on the streets alongside hundreds of other like minded citizens. They are convinced it’s all ‘fake news’ and seem to be on the verge of taking the law into their own hands. Their motto is clear…

We’ve got to get through this somehow. I’m just not sure armed insurgency is really the way forward. 



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The last thing one discovers…

The last thing one discovers...

The last thing one discovers…

Sometimes the muse works in mysterious ways. There I was working on two separate pieces of art which, after realising the similarities between them, decided should become part of a larger triptych. The only trouble then was that they needed a third unifying part that would (hopefully) allow them all to make sense as a whole. This meant it was back to the drawing board to scratch my head for a whilst waiting for this magical third section to materialise in my mind’s eye.

Nothing but dandruff came out of this scalp relaxation session until the other half of id-iom walked passed me and nonchalantly came out with a most cromulent quote that seemed to hit the nail squarely on the head. Not bothering to stop or change course he just sauntered along to do whatever he was doing in the first place but that inspiration was all i need to get the piece finished.

Considering the pieces originally had no order and the middle section was the final piece of the puzzle it seems a particularly fitting quote.



Title: The last thing one discovers…
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal, Tipp Ex and Spray paint

Size: A4 x 3

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