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Hop-tu-naa (my mother’s gone away)

We’ve been having something of a dilemma here at id-iom HQ this morning. We painted this on Saturday in Bromley town centre for their Day of the Dead celebrations. So far so good but this is where the problems start. We painted it on Saturday (28th Oct), the Mexican holiday of the Day of Dead is actually on Thursday (2nd Nov) but Halloween is today (31st Oct). Unfortunately coming from the Isle of Man we don’t even celebrate Halloween. We do Hop-tu-naa instead (pronounced Hop-Chew-Neigh) which also falls on the 31st October but predates Halloween and is the original New Year’s Eve celebration (it is thought to be the oldest unbroken tradition on the Isle of Man, so there).

Anyway after much discussion we decided to put this up today. Painted on some fancy 6ft x 6ft roller boards with fire jugglers beside us (you can the head of one of them in the pic!) we managed to get her done pretty quickly given the impending onslaught of darkness. The fancy skull wallpaper is probably my favourite part but what do i know?




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