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Blood Drive

Being the social influencers we are we were asked if we would like to take receipt of a goody box for the upcoming show ‘Blood Drive’ and watch the first episode. The box of stuff was particularly well suited as we’ve now managed to get Hugo a new girlfriend. Her name is Brandy. The fluffy dice will seriously accentuate the look of the id-iomobile too and apparently a 1993 study showed there to be no correlation between the use of fuzzy dice and the degree of a driver’s reckless driving behaviour so we should be fine.

To say Blood Drive is something of a Marmite show is probably an understatement. It’s basic premise is a death race in cars powered by blood. There’s sex, violence and all that comes between. It’s like every trashy exploitation b-movie you’ve never seen but enjoyably ridiculous for being so. It’s starting on Syfy channel tonight in the UK.

If you like the trailer then it may be for you:




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Don’t sit so close to the TV. It’ll ruin your eyes!

Don't sit so close to the TV. It'll ruin your eyes!

When we were growing up there was an imaginary line in front of the TV (a virtual creation of my dad) which we weren’t allowed to sit in front of when watching the goggle box for fear that we would ruin our eyesight if we sat any closer. Now whilst this rule is no longer enforced and I no longer have the desire to sit approximately 3 inches from the screen sometimes I’ll do so just to prove a point. Anyway I thought that would be a reasonable segue into today’s offering…

We were asked if we could paint up a wall mounted box (that is used to mount the TV to the wall and hide all the cables) so as we are a pair of design cowboys we jumped at the chance to give another boring black TV a beautiful place to call home. Our only worry was that by painting directly behind a TV there was the possibility that it might distract the viewer from their viewing pleasure. With this is mind we decided on a more abstract piece than usual but I think that the final piece works well and the client thought so too, so all in all another happy pair of artists and another happy customer. What’s next i hear you ask? Stay tuned but definitely don’t get to close!




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Fame at last…

Where's the Weekend - on Hollyoaks set

Where's the Weekend print

What’s this picture you ask? Well, it’s only a photo of one of our pieces hanging in the corridors of a new set on a revered national TV soap! You just know you have made it in the art world when your stuff starts appearing on TV. As far as I’m aware the set is a new sixth form college that has opened in Hollyoaks (although I could be wrong so eagle eyed readers may be able to update me). Today Hollyoaks, tomorrow the world!

The print featured is available from Pimp Artworks (along with a few others) and is based on one of our pictures called ‘Where’s the Weekend?‘ which I think echoes a sentiment a lot of us feel after being chained to a desk all day…



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This was a commission for our good friend Dave (a.k.a. DWTVLA). Everyone has a friend called Dave and whilst they are all as different as snowflakes they are all cut from the same cloth. I think their parents would have loved to call them something different but i reckon you just know when you’ve got a Dave on your hands and have to obey protocol and call them as such. To do any different would be spitting in the face of common courtesy and established tradition. It’s just so the rest of us know where we stand.

Anyway, this particular Dave has been working in LA recently. You can just tell by his face that he works in ‘meeja’ and whilst in LA has evolved to become a self facilitating media node. I know this for a fact as i’ve seen him with his Wasp T12 Speechtool in hand barking orders to his flea-bitten lackeys. Oh how he’s moved on since being McDonald’s employee of the year…




Media: Screenprint

Size: A4

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Why don’t you just switch off the television set?

Hands up who remembers ‘Why Don’t You?‘ It was a British kids TV show that, I was surprised to learn, ran up until 1995 (as i thought it had finished in the 80’s!) Anyway it’s not like i remember it particularly fondly but one thing i do remember was the theme song which went ‘Why don’t you just switch off the television set and go do something less boring instead’ which even when i was a kid found slightly stupid considering the fact that it was a TV show and it was advocating turning off the TV.  I used to follow this advice quite literally and take this as my cue to either get my breakfast or just get out of the house and see what trouble i could get into…

Like it says – there’s never anything good on anyway!



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Sunday afternoon TV

I’m sure we’ve all felt a little down sometimes but this fella is feeling it pretty bad. It’s Sunday afternoon, he’s pining for a lost love and the world doesn’t seem to care. At least he’s happy for the time being…

This is one of my favourite pieces that we’ve done and i know exactly what it is that sells it to me… It’s the little blobs of dried and shiny acrylic paint that have been affixed to the piece. I especially like the fact that it’s all black and white apart from the little bubble he is sat in where he’s constructing his own little bright future (although reality is not quite so bright – and even the TV knows it!) This is currently in the UPfest gallery in Bristol and is busy waiting for a new owner to take it home to give it the requisite care and attention it needs. Get yourself down there and have a look in person…



Title: Sunday Afternoon TV

Media: Acrylic, spraypaint and marker pen

Size: 24″ x 24″ deep edge canvas

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