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Undercover Lover – ‘Back to the Future’ mixtape project

Undercover Lover – ‘Back to the Future’ mixtape project

Undercover Lover – front

Undercover Lover – back

With Glastonbury coming up in just a couple of days we thought it about time to release a new instalment of our ‘Back to the Future’ mixtape project which sees us combine our two of our loves – music and street art. Our plan is to get some new mixes together, burn them on CD and then put them out on the street with some exclusive slate cover art.

Here we have a sea-side drop with some sexy looking eyes giving you a cheeky little wink. A  brief promise of something that’ll probably never come to pass. Oh well, c’est la vie…

There’s some contact details on the back so if you see one of these suckers on the street feel free to take it home and then lambast us via email on our shoddy skills and poor tune selection.

We are also now open to submissions – so if you dj at all and fancy taking part just get in touch and if we like your mix then you’re in! You can find more information on our facebook page here.




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Undercover Lover (home furnishings edition)

Undercover Lover (home furnishings edition)


We were asked by the lady who bought our original ‘Undercover Lover‘ canvas if we could recreate it as an urban camo window graphic for her new home. She wanted to let some light in to her living room but didn’t want net curtains, wasn’t convinced with shutters and decided frosted glass was passe. Without remembering how shoddy my Illustrator skills were I readily agreed thinking it would be a nice quick job. After doing a bit of research into one way graphics (like they sometimes have on the backs of buses – so it’s an advert from the outside but you can see out clearly) I ploughed ahead.

The design is relatively simple and the  job is clearly not all that complicated to someone who knows what they are doing with Illustrator but for me turned into a nightmare of internet tutorials and working out how to convert a colour raster image into a decent vector image. Thankfully I eventually managed to get it right and the image was sent off to print. After a nervous wait (did i even get the window measurements right?) it was time to install which, surprisingly, went about as smoothly as one could hope. From the inside you can see out clearly and it lets in a surprising amount of light and from the outside you can only really see the graphic. Sweet. Job done. Finally.



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id-iom iphone wallpapers

One of my friends has just got themselves the new iphone and asked me to come up with a wallpaper to brighten his otherwise dull background up. After a little digital jiggery-pokery I think i’ve managed to come up with some wallpapers that should work.

If anyone who reads this has an iphone i would appreciate knowing that they can download them and that they all work okay.



Bassists have the best moves – iphone wallpaper

Caged skull – iphone wallpaper

Caged smiley – iphone wallpaper

Insert self here – iphone wallpaper

When toys grow up – iphone wallpaper

When toys grow up – iphone wallpaper

When toys grow up – iphone wallpaper

Steal this iphone – iphone wallpaper

Undercover lover – iphone wallpaper

Where’s the weekend? – iphone wallpaper


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