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I can make love 24 hrs a day!

Today’s eBAy drop is ‘I can make love 24 hrs a day’. You can check it on the link below:


‘I can make love for 24hrs a day’ is the kind of claim you’d expect to hear on the Jerry Springer show. I’m pretty sure there must be some enterprising young souls out there who’ve probably given it a damn good shot. I’m sure being tanked on Viagra would probably help but I’m not sure I could handle it. Just think of the chafing.  But it’s a pretty spectacular boast all the same and would require taking the subject to bed in order to prove or disprove their claims. Which would probably be exactly what they want…

This picture has been reimagined from an actual news headline. I fill my head with this grubby nonsense so you don’t have to. Vive la revolution!



Title: I can make love for 24hrs a dayMaterials: Paint pen, acrylic and charcoalSize: A4


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No. 6

Alan, or Patrolbot No. 6 to his friends, had a dark secret. He was a Metropolitan Police Patrol Unit with limited AI (for difficult on-the-spot decisions) and had been patrolling the same area of South London for a number of years. During this time he had seen a distinct rise in graffiti, street art and tagging and had been busting heads for lesser crimes as long as his memory banks could recall but at some undefined point during the last twelve months he had taken the unilateral decision to become a graffiti artist. Why? He couldn’t be entirely sure. Maybe it was a faulty circuit. Or maybe not.

He didn’t want to find out and had so resolved to keep it concealed during his 6 monthly maintenance service. One thing he was sure of (and was infinitely proud of) was that ‘Alan’ was up all over his borough. No one had more pieces up than he. He made sure of that as he knew all the local patrol times. Now his skills were improving it was time to move onto bigger and better things…

For this bad lad I was just messing around with some old stencils I found but really quite like how this one turned out. It’s on A3 paper. Let us know if you’re interested in him…



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Let the sun shine in – A choose your own adventure piece


Picture this. You’re id-iom and the sun is shining. You find a stencil which had been been sat there ready to spray but had somehow been forgotten. What do you do next? Well, you set about rectifying the problem just as quickly as you can. After identifying a likely looking door made of corrugated plastic you round up some paint and get to work. That door is ugly and needs an id-iom style makeover. As there’s 2 of you the next sequence is somewhat schizophrenic as you talk to yourself in order to get things done.

After only a short while you reach another hurdle in that you’d applied too much masonry paint and now have to sit there and watch paint dry. Being a resourceful pair of chaps you then decide there is a better use of your time so head to the nearest pub for some liquid refreshment. On your return you fear there will be no chance for a decent photo but to your surprise the photography gods are with and give you a nice backlit effect. Win. You go to bed that night thinking if you have to be id-iom for one more second you’ll probably go mad.



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Sometimes I wonder if everyone is unobservant…

It’s not very often that we here at id-iom strive to do something understated and somewhat minimal but that was entirely what we were aiming for with this piece. Have we succeeded? Who knows? It’s certainly less cluttered than our usual technique of throwing as much paint at the background as possible. Anyway, we decided that the metal shutters provided a nice textured background just as they were so threw up our stencil, coloured her in and then put up some additional text in a purposely small font which reads: ‘Sometimes I wonder is everyone if unobservant then I realise that at least you’re not’. Despite the fact I’ve just pointed it out to you I do wonder how many people will walk past this without ever bothering to read it. Well, the jokes on you sucker! Many thanks to Irony and the Real Art of Street Art for hooking us up!



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Me and Mr Snuffles – by Lila (aged 4)

It’s funny isn’t it. If a 4 year old passed you just about anything and motioned there was someone on the phone for you you’d probably have a quick fake phone call using the banana (or whatever you were handed) before passing it back and suggesting whoever was on the line wanted to speak to them again. You would probably feel a bit stupid doing it but you’d do it all the same to make the child happy.

Somehow, on the transition from childhood to becoming an adult we lose this mysterious skill of being able to imagine just about anything is real. Or face being carted off to the nearest mental institution. Which is quite a harsh penalty for something that’s positively encouraged as a child.

Anyway, this little girl is strolling round without a care in the world as she has her imaginary ‘dog’, Mr Snuffles, to keep her company. And who’s to say she’s wrong. Not me as I did the picture in the first place.

imaginary dog sketch

As a little bonus here’s my original child-like sketch of Mr Snuffles…



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Blessed are the cracked

So there I was moseying down my street in the sunshine and ahead I spot my neighbour giving her street-side wall a nice coat of white paint to freshen it up a bit. One quick chat later and it appears I’ve got myself another little job. Given that it’s a fairly small wall a simple enough brief was all that was required. A little deliberation later and it was decided that it was to be the Groucho Marx quote ‘Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light’. That worked for me. All that was then needed was to find a suitably bold font and to actually get off the sofa to get it cut and sprayed. Once I’d achieved sofa escape velocity the rest was easy. So there you have it.



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