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Minivino Merlot

Nothing says sophistication quite like a plastic glass of Merlot. To this end Minivino have got the market cornered. After reading the supermarket description of such a marvellous creation I decided it needed something a bit more fitting.  

If this was an 80’s film this would now be the montage section where I purloin the label, scan it, find fonts, use my computer and finally print out the finished product. We’d then segue back to me walking up the street about to complete my mission with the supermarket insertion of my replacement label. Cue credits. 




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Happy Happy (always) Happy

So with Valentines Day upon us, those without a significant other may start to feel a little blue this time of year. This is mainly due to the fact that every shop you enter is trying to sell you some overpriced, thoughtless gift with saccharine sentiments that just doesn’t seem to match where your head is at. It’s February, it’s cold, it’s the start of Lent, you haven’t been to the gym and it seems all you are eating is pie and chips on repeat. To rub your nose in it most people who have a significant other will be fawning over each other like their relationship didn’t exist yesterday and won’t exist tomorrow and that could possibly be said for some people who forget about today. You though have to deal with today and a number of loved up people asking you about your Valentines. It’s enough to get even the most stable and grounded person asking whether they are happy with their lot in life. Happy Valentine’s…



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Happy Valentines Day… Relationship Mitosis is here!

Valentine’s Day… What a complete waste of time and money. I’m not really a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I thought it best to get that out of the way first although today’s offering probably makes that quite clear. Not that i’m against people expressing their love for one another (as long it’s consensual, of course!) in fact i’m all for that – but it’s just the fact that it’s so commercialised and now comes with such expectations. I think i’d probably prefer to buy someone flowers or go for dinner on just about any other day of the year. Surely the only fun to be had on Valentine’s Day was sending cards anonymously when you were at school?

There’s a large number of Valentine’s themed prints available to cash in on today’s ‘festivities’ but we thought we’d cater to those for whom Valentine’s Day is nothing to celebrate. So Relationship Mitosis is dedicated to all those who won’t be out for an over-priced dinner this evening.

All that said I’m not a complete buzzkill and hope that everyone has a lovely day!


id-iom loves you

Title: Relationship Mitosis

Media: Screenprint, hand cut stencil and spraypaint

Size: A3

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