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Dashing through the snow…

We get some odd requests from time to time so when we were asked to paint up a wooden cutout set consisting of Santa, some snowmen, a couple of reindeer, a Xmas tree and a sleigh we thought it sounded like fun. Painting outside in freezing conditions however is not the most fun. If you combine the two then this is the end result.

Sinister Santa looks like he’s been on the Red Stripe all morning and he cares not that he’s pulled up on some double yellow lines, the reindeer appear to have been vandalised, the sleigh pimped, the tree dipped in psychedelics and the snowmen look like the result of some abominable colour based genetic tampering. It must have been quite the night. Let’s just hope it’s his final blowout before his Xmas rush…



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id-iom @ Seven – Round 2! Fight!

id-iom @ Seven - Round 2! Fight!

Seven @ Brixton asked us back again to paint up the corridor area in their fine establishment. This meant that we first needed to buff our work from last year –  which was actually surprisingly enjoyable and somewhat cathartic I have to admit. After that was complete we set to the task in hand of getting the new design up in double time for a special opening and wine tasting which was just one day away (which is now last Friday 17th). So to the dark studio it was – for a quick case of stencil finger and a refresher course in being a handyman.

First up we got our little character on wall, got him coloured in and then had to move onto phase 2. After the last time at Seven where we used some thread from the fingertips we definitely needed to next level this one too so decided to stick some pipes to the wall (this is where the handyman course was needed as I get a little giddy with power tools in my hand) which are dripping a veritable rainbow of paint onto the floor which then coalesces to spell the word ‘Seven’. Easy i hear you say! For most people i would probably agree but for this pair of design cowboys Phase 2 became something of a practical challenge. After a few failures to get the pipes fixed we somehow though we managed to stay true to our word and got the design finished for everyone to enjoy on Friday night… Phew!




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