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Turn up the speaker remixed

As I’m sure we’re all aware a stripe is ‘a relatively long, narrow band of a different color, appearance, weave, material, or nature from the rest of a surface or thing’. And I’m currently a little obsessed with them. It turns out no canvas is safe now I”ve got my new patented 3 pictures in 1 idea dominating my design thoughts. 

It’s obviously quite a time consuming system as you have to do the picture twice in order to get the reveal and the mixed up final piece but since when has something as trifling as that put us off? I’m already thinking that this is the idea that catapults us to art superstardom…  

She’s on a 60 x 40 canvas and I’d imagine you want to get involved right now before they skyrocket in price.  




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Cooking with Bantha Milk (with Bhuna Fett)

Tesco’s full fat Bantha milk

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when id-iom have a little time on their hands then look no further. We’re very pleased to announce our latest video collaboration. We’ve partnered with infamous intergalactic chef and sometime bounty hunter Bhuna Fett to produce this ‘Cooking with Bhuna Fett’ infomercial on behalf of Tesco’s and their new range of Bantha Milk.

We had to do an incredible amount of wrangling to get Bhuna Fett to agree to feature in our video. The amount of brown envelopes stuffed with galactic standard credits was incredible but then again what do you expect from a part time bounty hunter. After we’d paid Bhuna off we only had a 30 mins window in order to get all the footage we needed as he had some other urgent business to take care of.

So here it is. What you didn’t know you’d been waiting for…



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The House of Pain(t) – A final farewell (video)

As a memento to our now demolished studio a good friend of id-iom came down to document our work at the ‘House of Pain(t)’ before it was razed to the ground. Here’s a new video he put together in the final days of the house. After watching this I’ve come to realise quite what a place we had. We just need another now…

You can also see the video that Spraying Bricks put together below:

For individual shots of the pieces you can see them on our flickr page here.



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id-iom spraying bricks…

id-iom is very proud to announce our first of two videos that were done so we could have something more of a permanent record of our now demolished studio building, The House of Pain(t). We had the Spraying Bricks crew around whilst we were doing one of the wall pieces and they had a chance to roam around and ask us a few questions. They have been doing a series of artist video’s and we’re definitely in good company with the likes of Smug, Inkfestish, Artista, Irony, Zomby and Reeps One. You can catch the rest of the video’s on their Youtube channel.

We are expecting to release our next video later this week so keep your eyes peeled…



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Odds and sods

You’ve seen pretty much all we have to offer at the House of Pain(t) – but not quite everything. Today we have a round up of all the stuff that hasn’t fitted in elsewhere. We’ve got some wheatpastes, stencils, bits of cardboard and a bit of wall…


My least favourite bobbleheaded creature has to that stupid dog from the Churchill adverts. If i’m honest I’ve got little in the way of explanation for this piece or why he has what appears to be a bobblehead other than the wall was there and needed painting on. Not everything in this world can have a purpose…

Mupan flexing his muscles. Just a little.

Mupan has bigger muscles than you without even flexing. You know it and he knows it. Now on your way…

One too many

We all know the feeling (well, Team id-iom certainly does) of having just one drink too many in pursuit of a good time. The main problem is the more you drink the less self control you have – just when you need it most. Ah well, at least it’s the wekeend soon enough.

Tigers Only

Strange Facts #11 Siegfried and Roy once stayed in the House of Pain(t) (back when it was a normal house) and their tigers stayed with them in the basement. This was a warning sign above the door. And the male tiger always wore a hat. And that’s a fact. Or at least that’s what i was told…


We’re a little late for Movember but this gentleman is not the kind of man who only has a moustache for a month. No, siree. His is a permanent fixture and he’s proud of it.

I never really read superhero stuff as a kid

The funny thing about this piece is that i did read superhero stuff as a kid. Ha! Hey, irony, try that one on for size! I have a huge treasure trove of comics stashed away at home, an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of comic trivia and have even worked at a comics publisher. So there. Anyway, i digress.

I’m not sure if you will have seen a film called Super (which i quite enjoyed – maybe i should start doing film reviews too?) but the girl in this picture reminds me of his female sidekick Boltie (played by Ellen Page).

I’m a mole and I live in a hole

How on earth this mole seems to be climbing out of a pot that wouldn’t even fit him in I have no clue. Suffice it to say the mole was sat in the basement and needed a new home before we moved out.

We’ve got one final wall to show in the next day or two then we’ll hopefully have some demolition porn and then the House of Pain(t) will be no more. We will also have the video that the guys from Spraying Bricks shot that should be out before Xmas and also a little video for posterity that we shot ourselves (when it’s finally all edited together). Bring on the next condemned building…




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Spraying bricks

We’ve still got a few final bits to reveal from the House of Pain(t) but we also had the boys from Spraying Bricks round to get some footage and make a little video that will be released in a few weeks on their brand new YouTube channel. We’ll be featuring alongside such luminaries as Ink Fetish, Jimmy C, Smug, Zomby, Yeff, Artista & Irony. Stay tuned for some great little videos.




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The first casualty of graffiti is innocence (a.k.a. Cliff was visibly upset – the video)

We have already put the still photo of ‘Cliff was visibly upset…’ up but now, after a little tinkering with our Super 8 footage, we have the pleasure of bringing you the moving picture version. If you’re not satisfied – you can have your 1 minute 55 back!



If, like me, you can clearly remember the first time you watched Oliver Stone’s ‘Platoon‘ then the death of Sgt. Elias (Willem Dafoe) is a pretty emotional scene where Adagio for Strings is playing over footage of a wounded Sgt. Elias trying to escape from the Viet Cong but ultimately getting mowed down in a hail of gunfire. I felt my dramatic fall was entirely reminiscent of this epic scene so felt a small homage would be worthy for inclusion in our humble production.  For my fact of the day I’ve learned that the iconic image of Sgt Elias with his hands in the air is actually a recreation of a famous 1968 war photo by Art Greenspon (as depicted below – and if you can’t remember or haven’t watched the scene from Platoon i’ve included that too!):


The famous scene depicting Elias with his hand...

Image via Wikipedia

Platoon/Greenspon photo




I’ve put plenty of links in today but i’m not entirely sure how many of them will work as many US based websites are shutting down for the day to show solidarity to opposing some potentially far reaching copyright legislation that the US is considering that would make it illegal for any US site to link to any site that has any copyright infringing material. Now, whilst this doesn’t directly affect the UK at the moment you can be sure that we’ll be passing something similar if it gets through over there and, personally, I quite like the internet as it is…



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I grew up dreaming of snow!

Like some overblown Hollywood epic this newest video has been a long time in the making (well, we originally did the piece in November last year so it’s been a fair while).

We were asked to take part in creating some work for the Freeze festival which is held annually in the shadow of Battersea power station. As it was a snowboarding/skiing themed event we thought we’d come up with a little something keeping in line with the general snow theme. After a little deliberation we settled upon the face of the girl with the legend ‘I grew up dreaming of snow!’ and after cutting some big stencils we headed down to get to work. Thankfully on the day the weather stayed nice despite big rain clouds looming for a while in the afternoon.

A big shout out to our fellow artists who it is always a pleasure to work alongside – Ian Phenna, SPQR and Asone (whose work you see fleetingly when the camera pans around towards the end of video).



Title: I grew up dreaming of snow!
Media: Spraypaint, masonry paint and paint pen
Size: 11 x 8 Feet

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This was a commission for our good friend Dave (a.k.a. DWTVLA). Everyone has a friend called Dave and whilst they are all as different as snowflakes they are all cut from the same cloth. I think their parents would have loved to call them something different but i reckon you just know when you’ve got a Dave on your hands and have to obey protocol and call them as such. To do any different would be spitting in the face of common courtesy and established tradition. It’s just so the rest of us know where we stand.

Anyway, this particular Dave has been working in LA recently. You can just tell by his face that he works in ‘meeja’ and whilst in LA has evolved to become a self facilitating media node. I know this for a fact as i’ve seen him with his Wasp T12 Speechtool in hand barking orders to his flea-bitten lackeys. Oh how he’s moved on since being McDonald’s employee of the year…




Media: Screenprint

Size: A4

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Fool come save me (video)

After much fiddling with the footage, soundtrack and editing software i finally have something to present… Ladies and gentlemen our newest video ‘Fool come save me’!

As the spot we were painting/filming wasn’t very well lit i have had to brighten the footage considerably which has led to a degradation of quality but i suppose that’s just one of the trade-off’s i’ve had to make with this little video. I’m particularly pleased with the soundtrack and how we’ve pretty much got it synced with the footage. It definitely looks better in person and if you are ever in Paignton you should head upstairs at the Lighthouse and check it out.



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