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Memento Mori

Ever heard of ‘The Penge Society of Awkward Walkers’?  Apparently they have an annual moseying competition where points are awarded for style, grace and speed. If I’m to believe the other half of id-iom he clinched it from the standing champion, a one Mr Fiac Cain, in this year’s final.

I used to do a bit of professional moseying myself back in the day and couldn’t really take this kind of thing lying down so set up a match with the other half and finangled Fiac Cain as referee. Two birds with one stone and all that. My winning mosey was a graceful mashup of my interpretation of a swan in flight and Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’. Nothing else came close.

As per the Ancient Rules of id-iom I demanded a piece of art showcasing how the loser felt for my prize. What I got in return was this piece titled ‘Memento Mori’. I’m interpreting the skull as his, not mine…

‘Memento Mori’ is A3 in size and made using imagination, a little resentment, acrylic paint and smoke from a magic candle. If you’d like to give it a new home just get in touch.




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The Walking Skeleton

The Walking Skeleton

So we’ve been pretty busy over the last week trying to fulfil our desire to fill our studio building with as much paint as we possibly can do before the old girl is reduced to a huge pile of rubble in the name of progress and we’re left without a studio! We’ve been doing reasonably well and should have a few bits completed over the next few days. Today’s offering is something that I’m looking at getting immortalised in ink as part of my ongoing project to get a half sleeve on my right arm. I thought it’d be nice to have him put on a wall first to check how he’d look before his final incarnation on my arm. And I reckon he looks pretty spiffy and will fit right in on my sleeve. Now i’ve just got to find a reputable tattooist…




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Walking weird

I’m not sure crabs (or at least crab-style walking) is entirely the most suitable inspiration when creating a picture but that’s all i could think when i saw the original photograph of this lady in her ever-so-slightly odd posture. This was a quick piece done mainly because i liked the original image.





Title: Walking weird

Media: Watercolour, acrylic, ink and charcoal

Size: A3

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