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Other People Graffiti – Penguin edition

It’s been a while since we’ve treated you to an edition of ‘Other People’s Graffiti’ so we thought we’d best rectify that pretty swiftly. Today’s graffiti comes from a pub toilet and, quite frankly, the whole thing raises as many questions as it answers. On the face of it it’s just a quick derogatory scrawl but how does the scribe know what a penguin smells like? Does he work at a zoo? If so, why has he seemingly drawn so many feet on the penguin? Surely he (it was a gents toilet) would know how many feet a penguin has? Also, why has the toilet been wallpapered with issues of  weird 70’s magazines? Too many questions and only this photo with which to work it all out. Let us know if you have any thoughts on the subject…




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Easy come, easy go

Due to being the harbingers of gentrification that we are it was only time before our previous studio was turned into a spanky new development. It would have been good to get some before and after shots of all the walls as they were demolished but this is all I’ve got. You can see one of our pics peeking out from behind the rubble. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. Onwards and upwards…



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Complicated but rated

Here at id-iom HQ we’re honour-bound to respond when inspiration strikes. So when I had what I thought was a fairly simple idea to create a halftone stencil from one of my designs I was under the impression it would be plain sailing. Countless hours and multiple design dead-ends later and I am finally happy with my creation. It turns out that turning a line drawing with a little shading into halftone suitable as a one layer stencil isn’t quite as easy as I had imagined. It always wants to leave solid black areas black or have them black with small white dots. And that’s not what I was after. But I got there in the end.

Anyway, enough of my travails. This eye-popping young lady doesn’t want to be defined by lines or colours and so has decided to represent herself with a series of small black dots which, when taken together, give the exact impression she was after.  Here she is hanging out in front of her favourite wallpaper made in small batches by blind monks from the submarine kingdom of Atlantis in the mid to late 60’s. I expect she’ll instagram it. Or perhaps she’s now on Vero too.



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A change is as good as a rest

This young lady has decided that she’s in agreement with the old adage of ‘a change is as good as a rest’. Bored with winter and her staid old look she’s decided to shake things up a bit. Perhaps the florescent red hair dye was a step too far but it just goes so well with her fancy new skull top that she doesn’t care. We can check back on her in the spring time to see what new look she’ll be sporting then. Fashion moves ever onward.



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The Eternal Sentry

After watching Night at the Museum over Christmas I decided my precious shed/studio needed a little more in the way of protection when I’m not there to ensure the precious things are safe. After a little deliberation I decided that it’s probably best that he’s armed and armoured so a knight on sentry duty seemed like a pretty good option. Incidentally, I’m not sure if the dog/dragon thing he seems to be stood on is a vanquished foe or loyal sidekick. You’ll have to work that one out for yourself. I’ve not been out in the evening to check he’s actually doing his duty but it’s cold out there so I’m just hoping he’s not a slacker. He seemed like a good sort…



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It’s all fun and games…

We haven’t posted for a while but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy – because we have. We were tasked with coming up with a nice Christmas design with a little id-iom twist. Which is sometimes tougher than it sounds. After a few schmaltzy design dead ends we finally hit on the ‘fun and games’ quote which seemed just perfect for a Christmas party. Once we’d thrown some green fade stripes and festive baubles on the design we were good to go.

The classy foldable board is about 2.5m square and is to be used as a dancefloor backdrop for an upcoming Christmas event. They’ve got some UV lights which will strobe on the board once it’s in situ so we included some UV reactive paint on the lettering and some little snowflakes which are otherwise invisible. Unfortunately we don’t have a blacklight in order to test how well it worked but I’m quietly confident. To finish we also drilled a few holes in the baubles so we could put some fairy lights through for that extra pizzazz. We couldn’t leave the boards out all day in order to get a twinkly night shot so you’ll just have to trust me that they look the business. That is all.



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