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The Making of Disney’s DUCK!

Like i said in my last post we have been busy…

This time we’ve got a final piece and a little video to go with it. Once i’d found the wooden board on the street I knew exactly what I was going to do with it (as a side note I am now a fully fledged womble and regularly look in skips and pick up things in the street to use at home. I sometimes feel like an itinerant bin man and I’m also not entirely sure how impressed my lovely lady is when i struggle home with some bulky item after a night at the pub. Ah well, i digress. Let’s move on.) ¬†Anyway, after numerous failed attempts at making the video we’ve finally got it on YouTube ¬†(if Disney‘s vexatious legal department haven’t already unleashed the dogs on us!)

After thinking about Donald’s famously explosive temper i did a little research and found out that (amongst other things) that his birthday is Friday the 13th! Once i had found that little gem out the idea pretty much formed itself. This is most definitely a film i’d love to see made although i’m reckoning it will take a pretty big turn in Disney’s fortunes before they start pumping out the animated horror films… Oh, if only id-iom worked for Disney!



Title: Disney’s DUCK!
Media: Hand-cut stencils and spraypaint on found wooden board
Size: 50 x 60cm


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