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The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch

Hands up who knows the story of the King Midas and his golden touch? Well, it’s the story of a greedy and foolish man whose wish to have everything he touched turn to gold became reality. He soon came to realise that this wasn’t quite as great as he thought as having food and drink turn to gold made life pretty difficult.

Now look at the subject of our picture. Here is a man who seems to have everything and but as the picture states ‘yet still he cried’. He had it all; ¬†women, jewels, drugs, money, all the¬†wealth of the world but unfortunately that means little to a man who can’t enjoy them. The folly of human greed is a tale he is surely learning the hard way as he cries himself to sleep worrying that his fortune will be taken from him and that he can trust no-one. As they saying goes – money can’t buy you love.




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