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Entropy. It gets us all in the end. These had weathered one winter too long outdoors so it was time to head to the big recycling centre in the sky. Sleep well my friends…




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Double the demotivation!


Thought you were demotivated before? We’ve now moved into double sided demotivational posters just to intensify the apathy! Double the demotivation for one single price.

Are you head over heels about procrastination? Do you enjoy putting off til tomorrow what you should probably get done today? Would you generally prefer to be back in bed? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then we have just the product for you! id-iom’s new range of double sided demotivational posters are ideal to give you that extra little nudge you need to justify to yourself whatever decision you’re about to make. It’s that simple! Anyone can use them!

She’s on a 400 x 600mm wooden panel and is made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. She even comes complete with id-iom’s ‘hang both ways’ copyrighted hanging mechanism. If you’d like to give her a new home then get in touch. I completely understand if you can’t be bothered today though…



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Emergency/She walks in beauty


What’s better than one picture? Two pictures! Since it’s coming up to Easter I thought it about time we treated you to another double sided creation.

Side one features a privacy inspired CCTV wallpaper design. In today’s always-connected society the feeling that you’re being watched is very real indeed. Because you probably are. If the proliferation of CCTV covering the length and breadth of our fair isle isn’t enough we have our online movements tracked by just about everyone with most of the information apparently available to the highest bidder. What strange times we live in. To commemorate this I decided to create this lovely bespoke wallpaper  design as a reminder.

Side two features a somewhat androgynous looking lady with Lord Byron’s poem ‘She walks in beauty’ as the background text. Apparently Lord Byron went to a ball and met his cousin by marriage, Mrs Anne Beatrice Wilmot, who was in mourning and wearing a black dress set with spangles and next morning he’d come up with what is widely regarded as his most famous work. Inspiration can strike at strange times it would seem. Once you’ve combined that with our jazzy striped background then you’ve got another certified id-iom piece.

Painted on a 60cm x 40cm wooden panel with id-iom’s patented ‘hang either way’ industrial look picture hanging system. She’s sure to brighten up just about anywhere she’s hung. Drop us a line if interested.



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It’s all fun and games…

We haven’t posted for a while but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy – because we have. We were tasked with coming up with a nice Christmas design with a little id-iom twist. Which is sometimes tougher than it sounds. After a few schmaltzy design dead ends we finally hit on the ‘fun and games’ quote which seemed just perfect for a Christmas party. Once we’d thrown some green fade stripes and festive baubles on the design we were good to go.

The classy foldable board is about 2.5m square and is to be used as a dancefloor backdrop for an upcoming Christmas event. They’ve got some UV lights which will strobe on the board once it’s in situ so we included some UV reactive paint on the lettering and some little snowflakes which are otherwise invisible. Unfortunately we don’t have a blacklight in order to test how well it worked but I’m quietly confident. To finish we also drilled a few holes in the baubles so we could put some fairy lights through for that extra pizzazz. We couldn’t leave the boards out all day in order to get a twinkly night shot so you’ll just have to trust me that they look the business. That is all.



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A message from me to you

Some relationships are destined to run smoothly and some are destined to be somewhat fractious. Here’s a good case in point. These girls have known each other for years but rarely see eye to eye. Here we have Harmony attempting to summarise her argument into a cohesive whole. It would seem from the look on her face that Jen is managing to read the subtle undertones in Harmony’s narrative just about correctly. I dread to think what comes next…

This carefree scene has been lasercut on wood at 39 x 27cm and then lovingly hand painted with a drizzle of crystal resin to finish.




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Street drinking and colouring in

If there’s two things that id-iom both enjoy and are good at it’s street drinking and colouring in so we thought we’d produce a cheeky bit of art to celebrate those very things. We’ve gone for a stripped back street scene with a very thirsty lady taking a good swig from her bottle of brew waiting to be coloured in. The words, which are a bit tricky to read in the pic due to the reflections from the crystal resin, read ‘There’s always time for a bit of street drinking and colouring in. Maybe add a few tattoo’s. Give her some attitude. It’s fun and easy to do’. And there you have it.

She’s lasercut on wood at 39 x 28cm then lovingly hand painted before some crystal resin has been drizzled on. Drop us a line if interested.




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Mr. Mayhem

Lord knows I love an ambigram (a word which can be read upside down).  I think I’m somewhat obsessed with them if the truth be told. I’ll shoehorn one into any piece given half a chance. Anyway, I already digress. If you’ve seen Sons of Anarchy (which, if you’re unaware, is a series about gun-running biker gangs in California) then you’ll probably know that ‘meeting Mr. Mayhem’ is  a club euphemism for killing someone. If you haven’t then now you do.

Now, I’m certainly not advocating violence of any kind but it got me to thinking about Mr Mayhem as a kind of mysterious character rather than a euphemism. And here he is. Resplendent with his ‘Mayhem’ ambigram. To me he’s like a dapper English gent version of Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction. Except he puts people into sticky situations rather than helping them out.

He’s lasercut on wood then hand painted with the addition of crystal resin and is 39 x 27cm in size. Drop us a line if interested. As a side note I was considering mentioning the documentary ‘All This Mayhem’ somehow but failed to fit it in. If you haven’t seen it then you should. It starts off as one thing and ends as quite another.



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If you’re in a fair fight…

I’ll be honest. We’ve used this image before. The original was painted on a wall. The second was a commission canvas piece and now we have the little brother laser cut on wood. The original inspiration for this design came from the Polish fighter squadrons of WW2 who escaped to Britain to fight alongside the RAF after Poland had been invaded. Somehow that nugget of inspiration morphed into this piece. The muse works in mysterious ways. Anyway, as long as you’re digging the sage advice this dashing pilot is dishing out then all should be well. Just remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

This little beauty is, as mentioned, laser cut on wood then lovingly hand painted. She’s about 40 x 28cm of id-iom certified goodness. Drop us a line if interested.



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