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The inevitable wrath of Storm Bird

Well, well, well. Look who’s shown their face after all this time. Storm Bird is back and is angrier than ever. You may recognise the feisty little redbreast from short films such as Storm Bird (Dave’s remix). 

With the very recent reintroduction of sunshine, I decided to do a bit of gardening to try and alleviate the relentless monotony induced by having to stay indoors all the time. Gardening has never been my strong suit and Storm Bird was more than happy to point out every single one of my glaring mistakes. 

First, the worms weren’t fat enough and that was my fault for not feeding them sufficiently. Then the caterpillar turned out to be poisonous and how dare I try and get the mighty Storm Bird to eat tainted food? The list of my errors went on and on and on.

For 5 hours straight whilst I was toiling away in the garden I had Storm Bird continuously berate me for a myriad of different things including (but not limited to): being too slow, being too fast, not admiring his golden red plumage enough, staring at him too much, not listening, making too many cups of tea, interacting with the neighbours and pretty much a constant barrage of insults regarding my hairstyle. Really quite uncalled for if I say so myself.

She’s A2 in size and on high quality Bockingford paper and made using the magic of imagination, acrylic, spray paint, paint pen and watercolour. That’s about all I can give you on this one…




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The early bird catches the worm

If you’re one of those people who set your alarm for an hour earlier than you need to get up so you can relentlessly keep hitting your snooze button then this one’s not for you. This is for those go-getters among us who spring out of bed upon waking with joy in their black hearts every morning. I’d like to think they are really something like the bird in question in this particular piece who seems nice enough on first glance but is, in fact, a pernicious magpie with a rather malicious glint in his eye. The slightly loopy looking worm doesn’t seem to realise what’s about to happen to him…

In fact thinking about it maybe I’ll get this on eBay and see what happens…



Title: The early bird catches the worm
Materials: Watercolour, paint pen, spray paint and stencil
Size: A3

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