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You give love a bad name

You give love a bad name (featuring a very angry robin!)

So it’s Valentine’s Day again and we’ve been busy. This shot has really got it all – something Valentine related, an earworm and even a bit of wildlife. A winning shot if ever I’ve managed to take one. Despite the fact that the robin looks cute he was, in fact, very angry. He didn’t seem to appreciate our work. Everyone’s a critic…

We’veĀ previously done an earworm and I thought it was about time to give it another go. The success or otherwise of this piece hinges on the fact that just about everyone is familiar with Bon Jovi’s ‘You give love a bad name‘ and so I’ve done my best to try and get it playing unheeded in your brain. For no reason other than I can. It’s difficult to know how successful I’ll be but them’s the breaks.




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