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Life’s Priorities: Smile at the walking dead

The id-iom Yuletide Fundom Demolition sale is still in full swing and here we have 3 more pieces for you that are up on Ebay.

lifes priorities

First off we have ‘Life’s Priorities’.¬†Now just look at this chap. He finishes school with a head full of dreams, has a last great summer being a teenager and then it’s off he goes to university to further broaden his mind and realise his ambitions. Some time after this he gets his first job and then it’s all downhill from there. The dreams he once had lay shattered around him. No longer is he the caring, loving creature he once was. He now lives for the weekends and is a steaming drink-fuelled monster who’s only objective is to get drunk beyond all European union health & safety guidelines and chase unsuspecting females around. Notice too that this poor creature no longer even cares for his own genital safety due to the fact that his (probably unwashed) Calvin Klein underpants have been unceremoniously pulled over his head to create a 2012 version of Dexy’s dungarees (from Dexys Midnight Runners)…


Secondly we have ‘Smile’ and smile is based around the concept of PSIs (Positive Social Interactions).¬†Positive social interactions are the little moments that can turn a bad day good or just plain put a smile on your face. They can be as simple as a smile or a ‘thank you’ but their effect can really bring about a change in mood. Their polar opposite – negative social interactions (or, you’ve guessed it, NSIs) can bring about a catastrophic effect on performance when daisy-chained one after another. But we aren’t talking about those today…

The lady in this piece understands the rule of the PSI’s and she’s harnessing it to full effect. She’s beaming her best smile straight at you and don’t you just feel good about it? Positive affirmations are what it’s all about and this girl is giving you them by the bucket load. What’s not to like?

Now if only I had a sexy looking girl at the end of my bed every morning giving me a big cheesy smile and bearing what looks suspiciously like a huge joint I’d be out of bed with a spring in my step but it would remain to be seen exactly how productive I’d be that day…

zombies this way

Finally we have a piece called ‘The Walking Dead’ and first off i’d like to set the record straight and declare that whilst I like zombies and zombie related stories they are probably my favourite second favourite apocalyptic scenario. First place undoubtedly goes to the Triffids (and the scenario where most of the population are blind otherwise they’d be pretty easy to deal with!) And third place would go to the supremely vicious Haters (from David Moody’s Hater trilogy – if you haven’t read it I’d give it a go before they turn it into a less-than-satisfying Hollywood film). Now that I’ve cleared that up I can move on.

I have read all the Walking Dead comics and declare them good. Definitely worth a read. I have also recently been watching the TV series and whilst not as good as the comics I am thoroughly enjoying that too. This has undoubtedly led to some daydream scenario’s where I roam the earth along with a rag tag bunch of survivors meting out vengeance to the hordes of soulless zombies with my trusty double barrelled shotgun. And rather than just let this thought languish in my head as most people would I have decided to realise it (although I haven’t gone the whole hog and actually released some kind of zombie virus). I have turned this vision into a picture of me toting said trusty shotgun whilst looking tough and searching for more zombie to execute. I’m sure all my practice on Call of Duty will go a long way when the day comes…

Anyway back to the happy times of going in to town to finish off the Christmas shopping. Hooray for me!!




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