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Anti Social Deposit

Anti Social Deposit

Anti Social Deposit

Now it’s one thing to say you don’t like our artwork but it’s another to say you don’t like us personally. Let me tell you a story about someone we met a while ago who, for the sake of this write up, we will call Ben Summers. Now, we at id-iom are usually upstanding citizens with all the airs and graces that go with it but sometimes, just sometimes, the walls have to come down and the inner beast has to be let out. On this one occasion Ben Summers decided to rile the both of us up and by our book one bad turn deserves another. So a few nights later we at id-iom went and found Ben Summers house and after a quick game of paper scissors rock to see who was going to leave the anti social deposit we were on. So off to his doorstep we crawled in the middle of the night and deposited our present before placing our id-iom flag for that absolute cad to find in the morning. Hopefully though he will stand on it with his bare feet whilst grabbing the morning paper but we can only dream…



Title: Anti Social Deposit
Materials: Paint pen, Spray paint, acrylic and glitter
Size: A2
Please email if interested


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