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This picture was painted around Easter time when the thoughts of baby chicks, Easter eggs and, of course, bunny rabbits are all riding high in the popular consciousness. Now I have nothing against chicks at all and chocolate eggs are OK once a year but rabbits, rabbits are troublesome oiks at the best of times. It’s not like I’ve got anything personal against them but I can’t say I like them. Some people seem to think they are cute but I know better.

I’m not one to be taken in by this annual marketing coup, so I’ve tried to reveal a little of what rabbits are really like. Snide brutes of creatures who go around making a right old racket with there big clumsy feet. Like Thumper here. If i see him round my way I’ll set the cat on him…



Title: Thumper
Materials: Acrylic, spray paint, paint pen and charcoal
Size: A2
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