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Green hair don’t care

One day Felicity Flamur was sat on a park bench eating her lunch and minding her own business when she managed to eat a radioactive cress seed in her egg and cress sandwich. The next morning she looked in the mirror and realised she had shrubbery for hair and had acquired some plant based superpowers. She should probably have just sued Tesco and moved on with her life but instead she now fights injustice wheresoever she may find it. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her… maybe you can hire Cress Head.




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If you’re in a fair fight…

Here at id-iom there are a few things we love. Sunny days. Painting. And dispensing wisdom. Today we have the opportunity to combine all three and ‘If you’re in a fair fight…’ is the result. The original inspiration for this design came from the Polish fighter squadrons of WW2 who escaped to Britain to fight alongside the RAF after Poland had been invaded. Somehow that nugget of inspiration morphed into this piece. The muse works in mysterious ways. Anyway, as long as you’re digging the sage advice this dashing pilot is dishing out then all should be well. Just remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

He’s on A2 paper and is made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. If you’d like to give him a new home then drop us a line.



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We ride at dawn…

Perhaps unsurprisingly you get some pretty odd results when you type ‘fuck the republic’ into Google. I was struggling with this here write up previously and that google search has just derailed my train of thought entirely.  It’s a picture of some guy with some text above. That’s all you’re getting from me today.

As usual I couldn’t really decide which colour background I liked so decided to do a couple of versions. She’s on A2 paper and is made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. If you’d like to give her a new home then get in touch although based on today’s lacklustre write up I can completely understand if you didn’t.



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Tilt. Shift.

The lady in this picture is what most people would call stand-offish or aloof and that is because she is. She just loves to look down on everyone and not just in a figurative sense but a literal sense as well.

When talking to her she looks down at you from a high angle due to her Amazonian height (and heels) but more importantly the sharp angle at which she keeps her head in relation to whoever she is talking to. She likes to think it creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature model just like in tilt shift photography.

To get the angle I wanted for this portrait I had to use every trick in my arsenal and resorted to painting her whilst balancing precariously at the top of the tallest ladder I could lay my hands on…



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Be careful what you ask for…

Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for. We were tasked with providing a couple of canvases as prizes for a corporate away day.  We weren’t sure who the ultimate client was but we figured it didn’t make too much difference in the grand scheme of things. We probably could have gone for something a bit more life affirming but eventually decided that a couple of demotivational posters would surely fit the bill. So that’s exactly what they got. I hope they like them…



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Double sided demotivational poster no. 4 – Stay positive/Good vibes only

Thought you were demotivated before? We’ve now moved into double sided demotivational posters just to intensify the apathy! Double the demotivation for one single price.

Are you head over heels about procrastination? Do you enjoy putting off til tomorrow what you should probably get done today? Would you generally prefer to be back in bed? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then we have just the product for you! id-iom’s new range of double sided demotivational posters are ideal to give you that extra little nudge you need to justify to yourself whatever decision you’re about to make. It’s that simple! Anyone can use them!

She’s on a 400 x 600mm wooden panel and is made using the magic of spraypaint, stencils and imagination. She even comes complete with id-iom’s ‘hang both ways’ copyrighted hanging mechanism. If you’d like to give her a new home then get in touch. I completely understand if you can’t be bothered today though…



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Mr Mayhem

When we got a call from Korp to see if we’d like to freshen up a large wall in Peterborough we jumped at the chance and ‘Mr Mayhem’ is the inevitable result. If you’ve seen Sons of Anarchy (which, if you’re unaware, is a TV series about gun-running biker gangs in California) then you’ll probably know that ‘meeting Mr. Mayhem’ is a club euphemism for killing someone. If you haven’t then now you do.

Now, I’m certainly not advocating violence of any kind but it got me to thinking about Mr Mayhem as a kind of mysterious character rather than a euphemism. And here he is. Resplendent with his ‘Mayhem’ ambigram. To me he’s like a dapper English gent version of Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction. Except he puts people into sticky situations rather than helping them out. And if he had wallpaper in his fictional house it would undoubtedly look something like this.



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